32 Ways You’ve Justified Stealing Your Kids’ Halloween Candy

We’ve all done it. No matter how much we try to convince ourselves we won’t dip into the kids’ Halloween Candy, that time rolls around and we find so many fabulous excuses to sneak just a piece.

32 Ways You’ve Justified Stealing Your Kids’ Halloween Candy

32 Ways You've Justified Steling Your Kids' Halloween Candy

  1. I gave you life, you owe me Reece’s. That’s how it works. (I saw this on Facebook, which inspired this post. I totally agree that’s how it works!)

  2. I’m helping keep the sugar rushes and craziness at a manageable level

  3. This one has nuts in it

  4. That one is too hard for their teeth

  5. It’s too chewy for their teeth

  6. If I leave the chocolate in the bag, it will just start to taste like all the other candy

  7. Kids can’t properly appreciate the deliciousness of a Heath bar

  8. She has too many Snickers, she won’t notice if one goes missing

  9. The chocolate eyeball is the smallest in the bag, no one will miss it

  10. Any longer and the Starburst will get hard

  11. I took one from his sister’s bag, so I better even it out and take one from his too

  12. That seems to be just the right size for choking, I’m saving a life.

  13. This wrapper looks suspicious

  14. Heck, I should probably just try a random sample to check for foul play

  15. They’ll never eat this much candy

  16. It’s all bad for them and bad for their teeth, anyway

  17. can you imagine what all that sugar would do to them? I better eliminate this one

  18. They have no idea how good a Bit O’ Honey is, and I’d like to keep it that way

  19. I bought their costume, bundled them up, hauled them around the neighborhood, and carried one of them home – I deserve it.

  20. What kid likes an Almond Joy, anyway?

  21. I just need a little something….

  22. He got a bag of Oreos and his sister didn’t, I’m just preventing a fight

  23. They’ll be fine as long as I leave two KitKats, they don’t need all five

  24. Taffy is too messy for little ones

  25. That one is too sour for them

  26. It looks like that corner might be open

  27. Oops! I think I ripped it

  28. Reece’s have all those little chocolate pieces that always fall out, I don’t want to deal with that

  29. Don’t even get me started on the mess a Butterfingers would make…

  30. They always want me to try things, I’ll just try this one now

  31. Some of these don’t fit in the bag for storage, oh well…

  32. I don’t need a reason anyway, I’m Mom!

32 Ways You've Justified Steling Your Kids' Halloween Candy 

How many of these have you used?

Happy Halloween to you all! Good luck staying away from those candy buckets!