Breaking Through the Mommy Slump

I feel like it shouldn’t have taken this long to come to this realization…

I am full into the Mommy Slump.

I am the typical case:

  • Momma of a 2 and 3 year old
  • Turned stay-at-home-mom after the second
  • Lives in sweats and athletic clothes
  • Leaves the house for groceries, preschool drop-off/pick-up, and errands for the kids
  • Wears too-big clothes since workout off the baby weight
  • Rarely, if ever, wears makeup or does hair because it’s hard enough to get the kids ready
  • Found myself hardly relating to my husband and only talking about the kids or the house
  • etc…

I’ve recognized this happening, but it just feels so comfortable and easy and I never really thought of changing things.

This past week The realization came that if I make some small changes I can break out of this Mommy Slump.

Breaking Through the Mommy Slump

It all started, strangely enough, with kissing my husband. He had also fallen into the Daddy Slump and we ended up in a very dull routine. Part of his Daddy Slump meant that he no longer cared to shave as often, which started me into a routine of refusing to kids him more because he was always scratchy. He also would try for a kiss at my busiest Mommy moments, which led to a bit of resentment that he couldn’t see that I needed help, not a kiss.

The other night, he shaved his face and I thought about what he said about me never kissing him anymore, so I shut off all my thoughts of the kids, the house, work that needed to be done around all that and just kissed him back.

That was the start of it. That was all it took.

The next thing I know, we’re laying in bed late at night cuddling and talking like we used to. I can’t tell you the last time we just chatted in the dark without planning some kind of to-do list.

This small step in the right direction made me realize how much has changed.  We have enjoyed each other so much more this week.  It even spiraled into me feeling like dressing in real clothes rather than my go-to sweats and athletic wear, and him helping out so much more around the house.  It has really felt good!

Speaking of feeling good.  I have felt like my weight loss efforts have been right on track and, amazingly, my husband agreed to join a clean eating Facebook group without me having to talk him into it.  I’m so proud of him! We’ve been working together to fix his lunches and make sure he has something good for breakfast.

I’m so proud of our healthy little family!

Have you fallen victim to the Mommy Slump?

Have you struggled to get your husband on board with your healthy lifestyle, or is he your best workout partner?

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