Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks {BYOHS}

Healthy eating is hardest when you’re on the go. Most activities come riddled with unhealthy temptations at every turn. The best way to resist those temptations is to come prepared with your own healthy snacks. Here are some handy tips to Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks {BYOHS} to your next outing.

{BYOHS} Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks: Tips for bringing you own healthy snacks to help resist temptation on your next outing

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I bring food everywhere! Usually it’s for the kids, but even without the kids I bring healthier snack options for myself.

The hardest part about going out to events or being out of the house all day is that healthy options aren’t always that easy to find. That’s why it’s so important to come prepared. Packing healthier snack options can go a long way to ensure you make better choices through the day.

This past weekend we went out to Snowcross – one of our favorite events of the year. It takes us about an hour to get there and it’s an all-day event – actually an entire weekend, but we just do the day.

We spend about 12 hours out there and there are not many options for healthy eating. When I bring the kids, we pack a bag specifically for snacks. This time, we went without the kids, but you better believe my purse was overflowing with healthier snack options.

As I said, I’ve done this before and I’m kind of an expert… So, here are some of my best tips for bringing your own healthier snack options.

BYOHS: Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks: Tips for resisting temptation when on the go

Tips to Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks {BYOHS}

Plan Ahead

You can only bring healthy snacks if you: a) have healthy snacks in the house, and b) make the time to get them ready.

Don’t wait until you’re ready to head out the door to grab something.

Plan ahead the night before. Look through the snacks you have and see if you have hoarded any pre-portioned options, or if you need to pack some up yourself.

If you decide you will be bringing a cooler or lunch bag, free some things the night before so they will stay cold.

Think about how long you will be gone. If you’re out for the entire day, one protein bar won’t do much good.

Mimic Your Temptations

A lot of times there are specific temptations you know you will be coming across and you want to avoid them…

Pack healthier snacks that will help you resist the foods that tempt you.

If you’re headed to the movies, pack a lighter popcorn snack, some nuts, or a chocolate protein bar. If you’re going to the fair, try a cheese stick instead of cheese curds, a packet of protein powder to add to your water instead of an ice cream treat, or a crunchy apple to much as you walk by the booths of ___ on a stick.

Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks - bring healthier options that mimic the tempations of the place you're going

Make Your Own Portioned Snacks

I try to hoard any pre-portioned snacks we have and use them exclusively for grabbing on the go. However, if we are out or I want something different, I try to plan the night before and portion them out myself.

Portion control is still important even if you’re going for a healthier option. Portion out your healthy snacks the night before so you know what you’re eating. The smaller snacks will also be easier for carrying – or sneaking in.

It’s more economical to buy the bigger bags and boxes of healthy snacks instead of the pre-portioned options. It’s also less wasteful to save the packaging and use your own containers or snack bags. I have one of these stacking snack cups that is really smart for portions, and the kids love their Snack in the Box container that fits two different snacks. We also use these small containers for everything!

You can see more of these in previous posts: School Lunch Ideas: Healthy Foods and the BEST Containers and Affordable Organic Snacks for Kids.

Bring Your Own Snack Tip - portioned snacks


Nature’s 100 Calorie Packs

When packing healthy snacks for an outing, it’s easy to get caught up in all those 100-calorie packs or packaged snacks…

Your best 100 calorie pack is always going to be a simple apple, banana, or orange.

They come with their own container, you can throw them in your purse, and they are so easy. Fruits and veggies are always going to be your best choice.

Some fruits, like bananas, apples, pears, and oranges, are ready to go. With other fruits or veggies, you might want to do some packaging. You can even give your banana some extra protections with our favorite gadget – the banana keeper – I just saw this banana saver with a carabiner which is genius!

Don’t forget about simple fruits and veggies when you’re packing your on-the-go healthy snacks.

So, what did I pack?

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the folks at Daily Goodie Box and received my box the week before our big day out. I grabbed every healthy snack out of that box and added a water bottle and an apple.

Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks: Daily Goodie Box

In the Daily Goodie Box

  • RawRev – Raw Superfood BarThis was delicious! This bar had a chewy peanut butter center that tasted just like you were sneaking a scoop from the jar. The outside was coated in a thin layer of chocolate. Unfortunately, mine did melt a bit in my purse.
  • Dream Water – Sleep Powder I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’m intrigued
  • Älsa – Energy Drink MixI brought these along in case I wanted a little add-in for my water, but beer trumped water that day and I drank one large bottle but never refilled it to try these out.
  • EM+PACT – Protein & Energy BarsAnother delicious snack! This bar was so sweet and chewy. It will definitely cure your sugar craving, but in a much better way.
  • Herr’s – Tangy BBQ Popped ChipsI love having a chip substitute. It may not be as healthy as the apple I packed but it does much better at being a real substitute for all those temptations around. These light and airy chips have a subtle BBQ flavor that is great!
  • Gary Poppins – Simply Sea SaltPopcorn is a great option for healthier snacking. The popcorn the rest of my crew came back with was slathered in butter, but this lighter option was a good substitute. It gave me the crunch, but it was a little lacking on flavor.
  • Natralia – Anti-itch Soothing Cream this is a full-size sample that was the oddball out from the rest, but it really worked on some itchy spots on my little lady.

Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks: protien and fruit and nut bars

Healthy Snacks to Pack

  • Fruit that is ready to go: apples, bananas, pears, oranges…
  • Fruit that needs a container: grapes, berries, pineapple…
  • Veggies – if you’re packing a cooler bring a small container of dip or hummus
  • Popcorn
  • Baked Chip-like snacks
  • Protein Bars
  • Water add-ins or protein
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruit
  • Crackers
  • Jerky
  • Mints or Gum
  • Fruit Leather

Do you sneak in your own healthy snacks wherever you go?

What are some of your go-to on-the-go healthy snacks?

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    I love snacks! If I am working from home, I always like do a apple and nut butter. But if I am out running around, a good protein bar is always a quick an non-messy option. #SnackAttack

    1. Kristin, Exploring Domesticity Post author

      oh my gosh! We love them! They are rectangular so they fit in the lunchbox so much better! We can fit a big lunch container, that drink box, and an ice pack in a small lunch bag – and I love it! We only have one of the snack containers and the kiddos fight over it – may have to get another!


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