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Rainbow Birthday Party: decorations, food, and special touches

Everything looks more fun in a rainbow of colors. A Rainbow Birthday party is a cute and cheerful idea and the possibilities are endless. There are so many fun ideas to add a little rainbow flair to just about anything.

Check out these tips for a fantastic rainbow birthday party! From food ideas to decorations, this is an easy theme with the ideas to start you in the right direction. You may even be very surprised by the first tip!

Rainbow Birthday Party

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Non-Scale Victories

I haven’t shared too much of my weight loss journey lately.  This has been for two major reasons: One, I was actually plugging right along and losing weight without actually thinking about it or trying.  And, two, I finished my last dietbets and took a little time off for my little one’s first birthday.

Yep, I ate some of that.  I also ate some of this…
Cucumbers are healthy, right?  How many cucumbers with mayo on a Triscut can you have before you’ve decided to be honest and call it not-so-healthy snacking???
Besides the week of her Birthday, I really have been doing well.  I was doing all the right things without even thinking about it.  And, that’s the real goal, isn’t it?  I actually was allowing myself to have a piece of chocolate or a couple chips here and there.  I was doing it in a way that I was proving to myself I can handle not being super strict and I can still lose weight.
Ok, I say all that in past-tense because I haven’t really kept it up this week.  I’m struggling a bit to get back to that place after my careless eating last weekend.  I better get back into gear quick because I joined three more dietbets and only have two weeks because I wanted to be finished before we leave for our Florida vacation.  Yikes!
I did get my shivering tush out for a quick mile run the other day.  I’m pretty happy to say, even with my walking 2 min warmup counted, I pulled of a 12:40 pace!  Not too shabby since I average a 14 minute mile usually.  I’m just impressed I made up my mind to get out there at about thirty-some degrees!
What were your non-scale victories this week?  How is everyone doing avoiding the Halloween candy?