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2014 Goals

I sat down a couple weeks ago with some fun new pens and a fresh notebook and wrote goals until I filled the page.

It’s funny now to look back on what must have been strong on my mind at the time. The majority seem to be business goals, and then fitness goals, and then seems to end with family goals – I guess I feel like a lot of the goals for the family are just natural “do whatever the kiddos and husband need” and the decisions happen almost without thinking.

I’ll keep it brief, but I’ll share most of them…

1. Go live with my business/passion. I have been working toward something that has been brewing since I started my weight loss journey at the beginning of the year. Starting a business is a scary thought, but I fully believe I can come up with an awesome tool for busy women looking to increase their activity.

2. I committed to 14 races in 2014. Sounds crazy since I did my first-ever 5K at the end of last summer, but it’s a goal I plan to strive for.

3. My little guy is two and a half and stays home with me. I take him to gymnastics once a week, but that kiddos is starving for the attention of other children his age. Price is something we’ll have to figure out, but he needs to spend some time with other kiddos. (update: just got a flyer for an amazing preschool in town – registration is on the 26th! *tear*)

4. I got so much out of Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis and I’d love to attend another conference! I have my sights set on Philadelphia and hopefully I can make it all happen. It would be so much easier if it were in Minneapolis again, though!

5. I purchased my domain and hosting, but need to get some time to myself t figure out how to switch everything over.  I’m super nervous about this, so if anyone can lend some advice I’m all ears!

6&7. I want to start a second website/business this year. I am in no way a fitness or nutrition expert. In fact, I need a lot of help myself, and I need a lot of help for my plan to take off. I will need to spend a bunch of time looking for contributors who are Registered Dietitians or Personal Trainers, so if anyone knows of someone with these credentials who would lend a hand let me know!

8. I am so bad with updating Facebook or figuring out Google + and I spend way too much time (not at the right times) on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I need to get started scheduling all that so I’m making the most out of those updates and working smarter.

9. I think I first got on Twitter right before Bloggy Boot Camp in October. I‘m just nearing  just hit the 1000 followers point – hopefully in 2014 that can quadruple??? (Mostly I just wanted to get specific with measurable goals here)

10. I had so much fun last summer when I had my cousins over to host a workout! It seems like the majority of my friends live out of state and it is almost impossible to organize a group, but I may look into asking around and finding people I don’t know too well to get together for a good sweat sesh.

11&12&16. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in May and my goal is to be 40lbs smaller. Along those same lines, that would bring me back to my wedding weight and I would love to try on that dress again! I also, have recently fit back int my wedding bands and have a goal of getting my engagement ring back on in 2014.

13. I haven’t been able to justify spending the money on a gym membership since I’ve been a stay-at-home-Momma, but I would like to at least visit four or more nearby and compare/contrast. It would be great to find a way to join, because I know I can change my diet and add activity, it I need some major help to tone.

14&15. Run a 9 minute mile. I like running now, but I am a ssslllloooowwww runner! I think I average around a 14.5 minute mile?? With all the races I want to run, I don’t think it is a crazy goal to strive for 9 minutes. Besides speed, I hope to complete a 5K without stopping. I’ve gotten close, but haven’t run the full way through.

17. My little guy spends a lot of time on the lake. It’s time for swim lessons. I put it off a bit because I didn’t want to get n the pool with him. I got up the courage to squeeze I to a bathing suit while on vacation and I think it’s about time I do that for him.

18. Along with contributors, I plan to look into brands and products I believe in to promote in the future.  My business plan is to offer everything for free, so promotion and other events may be the way to turn a profit eventually.

19. I met with a business mentor this past summer and he recommended completing a business plan. I put it off as my ideas came into shape, but I think I’m ready for that now.

20. I need to get batter at this blogging business! It would benefit me greatly to keep records and see if I am making any progress or not.

21. It helps me so much when I meal plan! I may not always stick to the plan, but having a guide helps with the types of food we eat, with shopping, and with my tracking and planning for my day. Goal: do this each week! I will be pretty happy if this happens every two weeks.

22. Increase savings by $1,000. I have no plan yet of how to do this… We are a one-income family of five, but is is a goal and I’ll have to figure it out before 2015 rolls around.

23. I’ve always wanted to have an Etsy shop. I love the idea of having a reason to be creative and making money from it. I don’t know EXACTLY what I may try to create/sell but I have some ideas.

24. Blog ahead 1 week. This would be so ideal! I am not an organized blogger, but I could save myself a lot of hassle and stress if I would blog ahead instead of feeling like I have to get a post out there before the end of the week!

25. Track EVERY day – even bad days. This is so huge to my success with my weight loss goals!! It is incredibly easy to track when you’re having a spot-on-perfect day, it is a lot harder when you’ve consumed all sorts of junk and have to try to write it all down! I also have a lot of success when I plan my meals and track before I eat. This is a huge one for me! I want to see the longest ever MyFitnessPal log-in streak I’ve ever seen!

26&27. The kiddos and I need a better routine! This has been so hard with having them so close together and sharing a room. In 2014 we will get more organized, stick to a bedtime routine, have both kiddos in their OWN beds by 9, and have at least one of them potty trained. Ahhhh… life would be blissful!

Well, that’s my huge list of goals for the year. Not exactly a resolution, but better – I think they are completely do-able and I can’t wait to get started!

What are your goals for the year? Do you write them down to keep accountable? And, what the heck should I do with them to make sure I keep crossing off the list – hang them somewhere, have a tangible way to remember each goal, set reminders???

5 Huge Accomplishments of 2013

***{Healthy} Tips and Tricks Tuesday is back on track starting tonight around 9pm! Come and link up any post you have to help others on their healthy living journey!***

I have so many things to be thankful for as 2013 comes to a close.

There were so many firsts for me and my family. Let’s see if I can organize them into a list of only five…

When my second child was born in October I made the decision to stay home.

As someone who went to school forever and came out with a masters degree, I always felt a little funny about my decision. I felt like I had to qualify it with, “we’ll see how long it lasts” or “I’m aiming for six months and then we’ll see.”

My husband lays carpet and owns his own business. It can be a job with an unpredictable income – there are busy times and slow times and he doesn’t get a salary or hourly wage. I was the one who had the steady income, decent savings account, and got us through some tough times I. The beginning.

I am so happy to say that we have done amazingly well on one income! He has been an amazing support and hasn’t complained about me staying home while he works, and I have been able to cut our spending, keep our savings intact, and explore more ways to save and bring in extra money.

Best of all, I am home with my babies! They are my responsibility all day long and they are thriving! I have some beautifully behaved (for toddlers) and brilliant kiddos. I am so happy to have this time with them and I can’t believe we made it a full year!

Another thing being home has helped me do is work on creating a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

As a person who grew up on chicken nuggets and sweets, I am so proud to say that my kiddos asked for corn and oranges when I offered them chicken nuggets. They are amazing eaters and I feel such a sense of pride knowing that my example and the meals I make for them have created this awesome behavior! I love each and every time someone comments how what good eaters they are or looks surprised as they ask for broccoli, chow down on a cucumber slice at 8-months-old, or goes crazy for a snack of frozen peas.

I’m also proud of how adventurous I have become in the kitchen. Our whole family is eating better and it is becoming more rare that we pick up something or make something less healthy on the fly. My husband and I have been more conscious about how we eat and snack, and both of us have lost weight this year.

Even my step-daughter has become a better eater – and that was a struggle! She has gone from gagging on anything that was not Mac ‘n Cheese and taking over an hour to eat, to eating what is put on her plate and finishing before the rest of the family many times. That is such a huge success, and I am so happy to see how much healthier she has gotten since being in our home.

In addition to better eating, we have become a much more active family. The kiddos and I went for runs all summer long, they watch me exercise at home, and we all spent more time outside or being active. My two-year-old asks to wear his running pants and do yoga, squats, or push-ups.

I started blogging in March of 2013 (maybe Feb?) and it has opened a whole new world to me! I’m not fantastic at it yet, but I’m learning. It has shown me that I can be home for my kids, but use this gift of time (what time with toddlers, right?) to try for something that would be a dream job/accomplishment.

What I’ve been exposed to and learned blogging has helped create bigger dreams and ambitions. I still have a way to go, and still I need a lot of help from fellow bloggers with more health and fitness knowledge than myself, but I am so passionate about pursuing this dream!

I gained a lot of support and confidence after attending Bloggy Boot Camp put on my the SITSgirls. Since then, I feel like I have come a long way with social media and gathering the skills I need to make that dream happen.

So, I’ve already talked about us becoming a healthier family, but can I take a moment to say – I lost 40 pounds this year!

I did it mostly with diet – tracking what I eat and being conscious of my choices and the meals I make. I started running in the Spring and I can’t believe that it became something I love. I crave a run all the time, I completed my first 5K, and I’m committing to 14 in 2014. I also found some great motivation in DietBets and won $278.91 along the way – bonus!

I plan to lose the remaining 40lbs in 2014, preferably by May because I’ll need to fit into a bridesmaid dress!

Last but not least, I have some amazing kiddos! They are well-behaved, polite, smart, and fun. I love watching how others react to them, and can’t get enough of hearing people compliment my amazing little people.

They are my biggest accomplishment!

Every other accomplishment on this list is ultimately about them. I am so happy to be able to spend each day with them. I am so proud to see how they are benefitting from and learning the healthy habits I am trying to create for my family. The time home with them has enabled me to go after some dreams that I hope will benefit and inspire them in the future. Last, a healthy Momma means a more fun and active Momma. This past November was the first time I have gotten in a swimsuit since my first kiddo was born in 2011, and I will never forget the look on his face and how happy he was to have Mom swim with him.

This year has been amazing! I have many goals for 2014, which I will reveal soon!

What are your biggest accomplishments of the past year? Have you written up goals for 2014?