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Affordable Organic Snacks for Kids

Prepackaged organic snacks can be so expensive! These affordable organic snacks for kids are a huge time-saver, and help you feel good about what you are throwing in their backpack for snack or lunch.

Everything from breakfast bars and biscuits to popcorn and Mickey Mouse shaped animal crackers…. These snacks are great on-the-go, and perfect for busy moms on a budget. Best of all, they are organic and won’t fill your kiddos full of unnecessary chemical like the other bargain snacks.

Affordable Organic Snacks for kids

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School Lunch Ideas: healthy foods and the best containers

School has been in session for a couple months now. In September we’re all armed with school lunch ideas and a plan to pack perfectly balanced lunches throughout the year. It’s not easy to keep up creative, healthy, cold lunches all year long!

Are your lunch ideas getting a little stale at this point?

After a good 30+ cold lunches packed this year, we’ve fine tuned it and found our favorite lunch bags, containers, as well as snack and drink containers. We also have some of our kiddos’ school lunch ideas to show you for some inspiration, and links to other helpful school lunch ideas to boost your creativity!

School Lunch Ideas: healthy food and the best containers

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Earth Day lunch

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I’ve already started picking up my Earth Day freebies. Target was giving out shopping bags this morning with some tiny samples and a big book of coupons. Tomorrow I will be picking up another reusable shopping bag from the Disney Store when I bring in 5 plastic bags. I’m going to check out Origins to see if they will indeed be giving a free moisturizer when you bring in an empty make-up container. Any other deals out there?

Here are the Earth Day and day after Earth Day lunches.

Earth sandwich colored with food coloring, cheese leaves, pretzels, celery. “Every day is Earth Day” cut-out to jazz up the lid.

I added a jar of plain yogurt with yellow and blue sprinkles that will turn green as she stirs.

I had a circle of bread that broke in half as I was trying to free it from the cup I used as a cutter. I decided the half moon shape would work for a bologna smile and I used a little red food coloring for the inside of the mouth. I used two silicone cups to hold the cheese eyes (Nilla wafers behind to hold up the eyes) and filled the middle with a celery mustache.

I tried my hand at the bread maker again today. Not a total success yet… I remembered too late that I forgot the last cup of flour and when I added it I couldn’t figure out how to get it to keep kneading. I unplugged and started over and that thing seemed to knead forEVER! I’m sure that compromised the texture of the bread. It never completely filled the pan and looked a little goofy.

Check out that shape!

It was at least edible, unlike the last loaf that made some very tasty croutons. I added flax meal and really liked the flavor of it. Hubby and Uncle D thought it was pretty good and devoured about half in a few minutes. Not a complete disaster. We’ll get it figured out.

Anyone proficient with a bread maker? Any way to know what the whole process is supposed to be like? Should I just wait for it to do it’s thing instead of panicking that it won’t knead all the stuff I scraped down from the sides once it has stopped? Confusing…

Saving money + making lunches = good day

Don’t cha just love productive days?  I had 5 full hours kid free!
I made some calls to lower some bills (clinic and cable) and ended up reducing a $700 bill and cutting our cable by $30 each month!  I love that – I really feel like I’m making this whole staying home thing work!
I also did some paperwork for Hubby’s business and addressed some mailings.  After completing a warranty claim process, filling the dishwasher, and ordering a gift for a friend graduating with a PhD my 5 hours were almost up.  It goes so fast!
I also managed to whip up lunches for the next two days.  They ended up being kind of inside out/opposite versions of each other.

Two more lunches for this week

I’ve been thinking about saving up my lunch posts and doing a big post on Fridays to re-cap the week’s lunches. I’ll probably do something like that, but I wasn’t liking that yogurt picture that is the first thing up on my homepage right now. Therefore, we get two lunches today!

Lunch #1 includes Easy Chicken Salad on flat bread and cut into circles.  I went with a circle theme and added cucumber slices, Nilla Wafers (under the bowls)’ and pretzels (sort of circles…).

I apologize for this awful picture, but it was late with zero light.  I used some of the flat bread scraps to make triangle PB & honey sandwiches and added celery and pretzels to the container.  I layered plain yogurt with coconut and chocolate sundae toppings and placed it in a jar with a magazine cut-out decorated lid.

Sandwich-free lunch with yogurt parfait

Today’s lunch: cubed rotisserie chicken, wheat thins, cheese, and a yogurt parfait.

The yogurt is in a jelly jar to prevent spills and the rest is in a container from the Target dollar bin.

I had this Special K cereal that just wasn’t my thing and we’ve had it sitting in the pantry for a while now. I decided to add it to some plain yogurt for a parfait. Yum! Much better.

Chicken Salad Lunch

Just made tomorrow’s school lunch. An alternative to a boring ol’ sandwich.

She has Easy Chicken Salad in a tortilla with romaine lettuce, two celery stalks cut into pieces, a few pretzels and, sitting in a small silicone bowl, half of a Clementine.

To decorate the top of the container for a little more fun, I cut the Cherrios ad into a smile and cut out some sunglasses.

Easy Chicken Salad
1 1/2 cup leftover rotisserie chicken cubed
3/4 cup Kraft Mayo with olive oil and cracked pepper
1-2 tbsp toasted flax seeds
1 celery stack chopped
1 packet sweet and low

Mix all together and serve the way you like!  I love it spread into a leaf of romaine.  The olive oil cracked pepper mayo gives it a taste my husband and I love.  I can’t say 2YO loves it, but I haven’t checked to see if he is a chicken salad fan at all, or it just isn’t one of his faves in general.

I just made this yesterday and this is all that is left! I love that it is heavy on the chicken and relatively light on the mayo. I also think the toasted flax seeds add a yummy touch and a healthy boost. Yum!

I would have posted another lunch last night but the lunch sent today wasn’t the prettiest because we were rushed and I took from my stash of frozen pb&j tortilla sandwiches and added some plain yogurt with sprinkles, 1/2 banana, and some of her grandpa’s beef jerky. The frozen pb&j is such a good tip, though! I also can get eight triangles out of two tortillas and I wrap them in pairs, so they don’t take up much space.

Spring school lunches – with a surprise!

Just got home from the cabin and whipped out two lunches for Wednesday and Thursday this week.

I used a tulip cookie cutter and, to eliminate waste, used both the cutout and the border for the lunches. She only has time to finish half a sandwich anyway. Remember, sloooowww eater! 🙂

Here is the sandwich border. I cut up some apples and used the majority in this lunch. I also used the cutter to cut a slice of cheese. Here comes the surprise, pizza flavored goldfish hiding inside the sandwich!

This lunch includes the tulip sandwich and I added the extra cheese from the last lunch to the sandwich. I included a smaller section of apple slices and cut up some celery. Last, I filled a small spot with regular goldfish crackers.

There you have it!

Easter lunches!

So excited about these!

I made two lunches during the small kiddo’s nap time – I can’t believe they both stayed asleep at the same time!  I think these were some of the most fun I’ve done.

Easter Basket Lunch!

When she opens the lid, this is what she’ll find. A bunny telling her to look at the lid. The lid has a Easter egg hunt instructions.

Blue is for snack: 4 wheat thins in each

Peach and green eggs (they were the biggest) for lunch: sandwich pieces

Yellow to go with lunch or snack: 3 grapes in each

Hiding on the bottom is the pink egg for dessert: Easter Kit-Kat

I love this container because it has handles and looks like an Easter basket!

Friday’s lunch starts with a sandwich flower brushed with a bit of mustard on top for color. I used the outer edges for the sandwich pieces in the eggs. There is a broccoli stem for the flower and carrots surrounding them. Under the broccoli I placed a plastic wrap pouch with a bit of dip for the veggies. I also wrote on a banana with a toothpick – on the back side I drew an Easter egg, too.

So fun! Hope she enjoys them!

Bunny Lunch

I’ve been trying to make my step-daughter’s lunches fun for a while now, both for her and for myself so I enjoy the task more.

I’m a little proud of this one!

I wanted to do something other than a sandwich. I decided to go with a piece of cheese and a piece of salami. I just got some Spring cookie cutters a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to give them a try!

I cut the cheese into a bunny…

…and the salami into a tulip. I couldn’t fit the stem so I lined it up to be perfectly rounded at the bottom.

I stacked some celery at the bottom of the container for grass and stood one up for the tulip stem. I lined the rest of the container with pretzels and placed the tulip and bunny on top. I had some tiny candy-coated chocolate pieces and I used a blue for the eye and red for the nose. I sprinkled a couple more candy pieces in for some more color and a little treat.

Being the thrifty Momma I am, and that I hate to be wasteful, I attached to the lid some pictures I had cut from the ads while clipping coupons. There you have it! Cute, huh?