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Save Money On Entertaining: Bakery Markdowns

My favorite tip for saving money on entertaining! You won’t believe what you can get if you go early and check the bakery mark-downs. This is our new favorite money-saving obsession for special occasions, celebrations, trips, and more – and it makes me way more happy than it should!

Saving Money on Entertaining - this tip has saved us over $100 this past year

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Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids’ clothes off the floor

A little while ago I shared some of our favorite ways for making cleaning fun for kids. Well, we have one more trick up our sleeve, and it’s so easy you can do it too!

My little guys actually loves to put his laundry in the hamper and clean up his clothes. We spent one dollar on this project and we no longer have clothes on the floor or have to remind him to pick up. 

We love this fun way to help kids put their clothes in the hamper!

Hamper Hoop DIY

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Saving money + making lunches = good day

Don’t cha just love productive days?  I had 5 full hours kid free!
I made some calls to lower some bills (clinic and cable) and ended up reducing a $700 bill and cutting our cable by $30 each month!  I love that – I really feel like I’m making this whole staying home thing work!
I also did some paperwork for Hubby’s business and addressed some mailings.  After completing a warranty claim process, filling the dishwasher, and ordering a gift for a friend graduating with a PhD my 5 hours were almost up.  It goes so fast!
I also managed to whip up lunches for the next two days.  They ended up being kind of inside out/opposite versions of each other.

Frozen breakfast sandwiches to last 3 weeks!

***Update: I’m still making these sandwiches every couple weeks and Hubby still loves them! Thanks to The advice of DesignGran, I decided to cut the eggs with a cup so they were the perfect size for the muffins. I had considered the idea before but didn’t want to deal with finding a use for all the excess. Well, I finally found a use for them! I decided to make some Frozen Breakfast Burritos for my step-daughter to warm up for herself before school, and it worked out perfectly – no waste! Check it out!!!***


My husband heats up a breakfast sandwich before work every day. He used to eat the Jimmy Dean sandwiches and I convinced him to switch to Great Value (Walmart) to save a little money. Since I’ve been home I’ve been making them for him.

Here are the basic ingredients. I prefer to slice from a block of cheese when I can but he buys the slices and doesn’t seem to have a preference. The sausages pictured are from Aldi. We usually get the GV Spicy patties, but these were a bit cheaper so we’re trying them out.

I have to show you my favorite pan. This thing is amazing!  I’ve done BBQ ribs on it and left everything to set overnight and all it needed was a quick rinse and light scrub before everything started peeling right off.  Nothing sticks to this thing!  At least, not so far…

If you have a regular old pan, I suggest using some cooking spray. I do when I use other pans or muffin tins. I wanted to test this bad boy’s capabilities.

I poured the entire carton of egg on the pan and seasoned then with S&P and a healthy dose of Cayenne – I wouldn’t use this much for myself but Hubby loves heat.

I love green onions in eggs an I have a ton cut and frozen in a Parmesan cheese container from these&nbsp so I added them.

Put the eggs into a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes.

I highly recommend using these foil squares – so handy! They’re from Sam’s Club and I think they’re actually a pretty good deal if compared to aluminum foil. I used to use plastic wrap, but it was such a pain and Hubby had to remove that before microwaving anyway, so foil works just as well.

While the eggs cook, set up the foil, English muffin, sausage, and cheese assembly-line-style.

The single slices of cheese tend to melt really well so it works better to have a smaller piece to avoid a big mess after microwaving. It must have something to do with freezing because a whole slice is perfect when making them fresh. I use a quarter of a slice on each.

Check on the eggs every once in a while and when they look like they’ve set take them out – mine took roughly 15-20 minutes. If you look closely you can see the spots that started to bubble up from the bottom, a good indication that they’re done.

Check out that amazing pan!

I divided the pan into five rows of three and let them cool a bit before putting the sandwiches together. Try to let the eggs cool so they don’t turn the sandwich into a soggy mess.

Assemble each sandwich and wrap.

There you have it! Fifteen sandwiches, enough to last three work weeks.

Save the muffin bags and put the sandwiches back inside. This is another reason the foil works better than plastic wrap, no sticking to the bag. I fit seven in one and eight in another, and froze the bag with eight and put the bag of seven in the fridge.

The whole process may have taken about an hour, but you can do other things during the fifteen minutes of cooking time and the fifteen minutes of cooling time.

I wanted to do the price comparison per sandwich to the pre-packaged (I don’t think it’s a huge difference), but couldn’t gather all the prices. Here’s what I do know.

GV Muffins $2.28 for 18
GV Egg Substitute $3.88 for 15 egg patties
GV Singles Cheese Slices ? Used 4 slices
Aldi sausage patties ? $4ish I know it was less than the GV we used to get and there were 18 in the package
Onions I consider free. I paid for them once but this was the second time they had grown – so free!

Anyone know how much Jimmy Dean sandwiches go for? Or even the Great Value?

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