Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids’ clothes off the floor

A little while ago I shared some of our favorite ways for making cleaning fun for kids. Well, we have one more trick up our sleeve, and it’s so easy you can do it too!

My little guys actually loves to put his laundry in the hamper and clean up his clothes. We spent one dollar on this project and we no longer have clothes on the floor or have to remind him to pick up. 

We love this fun way to help kids put their clothes in the hamper!

Hamper Hoop DIY

Hamper Hoop DIY

Have you seen the commercials for the Hamper Hoop? My four-year-old loves those commercials and has been asking for one since he first saw them.

Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids' laundry off the floor

Fortunately, we had an over-the-door basketball hoop he had gotten as a gift when he was young and it had never been used.

Even if you don’t already have one around the house, I would imagine you could find one easily at a thrift store or garage sale. The thing that makes it even easier to find is that you don’t need the net. As long as the hoop is intact you’re good to go. If you don’t mind securing a hoop to the wall, door, or closet I suppose you could make almost any hoop work.

Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids' laundry off the floor

Next, I picked up a laundry bag from the dollar store. You could use the mesh bag as I did or a solid one. The most important thing is that it’s a drawstring bag. (I got the mesh bag thinking I would need to use the loops for the net, but I found an even easier way!)

Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids' laundry off the floor

It’s so easy to secure the net / laundry bag! Just pull the opening through the center of the hoop, fold over the top, and pull the drawstring tight enough to be secure and loose enough to let clothes go through.

That’s all there is to it!

Now your kiddo has a fun incentive to pick up their clothes and place them in the hamper!

Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids' laundry off the floor
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