My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: Week 1

I’m writing this before weighing in because I’m pretty sure this is off to a bad start and we may be seeing a gain…

I’m still struggling… Nothing seems to be enough to keep me from poor eating choices…

Each time I make a mistake leads to a downward spiral that ruins my whole day or week. I keep thinking of those memes – if you dropped your phone, you wouldn’t smash it until it breaks, or something like that…

I’ve definitely been smashing my good days at some point or another more often than not.

So, let’s see how this week went…

My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: Week 1

Last week’s goals:

  1. Track all food: failure… I have logged into MyFitnessPal for 23 days in a row. However, I haven’t tracked all of my food, and that is mostly because I had rarely made it through a day where I didn’t slip up somewhat…
  2. Short workouts each day: I can’t remember if I got this one completely, but I did add 100 kettlebell swings to my daily routine and I love it! It’s easy to get in anytime and it feels really good. I may try to make this a daily goal because I love them!
  3. Increase my water intake: This one I feel ok about, but I still want to get better. It was a crazy week and we visited my grandpa nearly everyday the past week, chaperone a preschool trip, and had some very busy days, so the water wasn’t always there, but I do think I improved slightly overall.

My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: Week 1

Holy cow! I thought I had gained, but I’m 1.7lbs down! That was a surprise! I know I can do better next week, so this has me really excited.

The Good

Doing a bit of meal prep at the beginning of the week definitely helped me make better choices during busy days. My current favorite meal is cooked cabbage with an Mozzarella and Garlic Chicken Sausage – so good and easy to prep ahead.

I didn’t workout every day, but I did get at least a couple where I completed 100 kettlebell swings because they are so quick  and feel so great!

The Bad

With my grandpa being in the hospital and moved to assisted living, we’ve met up with family for pizza, eating out while running around, and done a lot of meal skipping and snacking. It has been very hard to stay on track.

The Ugly


Accountability check-in: trouble with snacks and sweets

Just since Mother’s Day… Ugh..

Goals for next week

  1. Get to bed earlier and work on getting up earlier
  2. Resist the candy jar while we are at the cabin and eat fruit when sweet cravings hit
  3. Workout with my resistance bands each day

How are you doing with your own goals? Do you make weekly goals? I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: Week 1

  1. JenB

    I saw your post come across my BlogLovin and I immediately connected! I actually just posted my Weekly Weigh-In (end of the week accountability) … number 96! There have sure been some ups and downs over the past couple years. Up right now … like you said, it’s the eating for me also! A constant struggle!
    JenB recently posted…Long WeekendMy Profile

    1. Post author

      Number 96 – wow! I missed out on some blog reading while at the cabin, but I’m going to make sure to head over and check it out! Thanks Jen!


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