Play Room Loft Bed with Organization

Get the most out of an extra bedroom and create a Play Room Loft Bed. Plenty of room to play and sleeping space for guests or sleepovers.

Play Room with DIY Loft Bed - storage, room to play, toy organization

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Since we moved into our new home, we’ve done a lot of work! In the first month, we had the whole thing cleaned, repainted, and replaced the flooring all over the house.

We’ve made a ton of progress, but I haven’t felt like any one room has been finished enough to share.

However, our play room is pretty much the way it is going to stay. The toys will change, maybe we’ll get more organized… but the real show-stopper in that room will remain the same…

The Play Room Loft Bed is an amazing way to provide sleeping space in our fourth bedroom, and give the kids plenty of floor space to play and organization for toys.

Little Lady painting the playroom - Play Room with DIY Loft bed for play space and storage

Play Room

The room started as a blank slate. It is the room farthest from our bedroom and it had the smallest closet, so it became the play room.

We also have my husband’s 13 year old daughter who stays with us two nights out of the month. So we’re giving her a fun space that also serves a function the other 27 days of the month.

She loves playing games with the kids, so this space is perfect for all of them. As a bonus, when we told her about the loft bed she revealed that she always wanted one. Win win!

Play Room Storage - shelves, bins, and dress up

Since this room is only occasionally used as a bedroom, the small closet can be used for toy storage and dress-up clothes. It just so happens that this tiny closet had the best organization of all of them. Go figure!

Bins are the key in this room. Keeping the colors the same makes it look much more organized and put together. We’ve gone with green in the closet and all white on the white bookshelves. Although, coordinating colors with the right placement looks nice too.

Play Room Loft Bed - DIY loft bed with storage for toys

Play Room Loft Bed

The best part of the whole room is this loft bed. My very talented dad made it and it’s amazing!

The basic plan for our play room loft bed, is two bookshelves and a bed placed on top.

In this case, our bookshelves are built out of inexpensive hollow core doors. The bookcases are the width of the twin bed and the shelves are placed far enough apart for our 1ft high plastic bins from the dollar store.

Store bought bookcases would be a great jumping off point as well. These bookcases are not quite wide enough, but I like that they come as a pair. You could also use some of those cube organizers for great storage, and this one is about the right width for a twin bed.

How cute is this little whale bedding? It’s so sweet and the kids love it.

The most incredible thing about this bed are the details…

Play Room Loft Bed - organization, pay space, and sleeping

Play Room Loft Bed Details

The bed spans the width of the room. The mattress is set into the bed with a platform at the top of the ladder. It’s also a great place for guests to store clothes because there is a bit of room.

The railing is made out of spindles. They are cut down to size and the remainder of the spindles will be saved for another project. I absolutely love the look of them!

The ladder is simply made out of 2x4s up the sides and the steps are a bit bigger for a comfortable step. The most adorable detail is that my dad put two small holes for handles. It’s perfect for little kiddo hands as they climb up into the play room loft bed.

Play Room Loft Bed - DIY bed, ladder, spindles

Play Room Play Space

With the bed lifted off the ground, the entire floor space is available for play.

All kids like a fort feel, so they especially love being under the bed.

Each kiddo picked a bookcase and that is where they keep there toys. Our little girl even has room to have her shelves set up with little furniture like a large doll house. She loves it! We probably should have given her the side under the ladder because it looks a bit messier, but that’s what a play room is for.

Play Room Loft Bed - organized play space with lofted bed

So, there is one of the only rooms that feels finished enough to share. The kids rooms are also finished, and have been for a while. However, like the play room, it’s hard to find a time when they are clean enough to take some photos.

Where do your kiddos play in your house?

Do you have a designated play room?

What do you think of our play room loft? Is it something your kids would like?

Kristin - Exploring Domesticity

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2 thoughts on “Play Room Loft Bed with Organization

  1. Lauryn

    I love this, especially the dollhouse bookshelf idea! We are planning to move my daughter into a loft bed within the next year or two to make space for a desk. Pinning this 🙂

    1. Kristin, Exploring Domesticity Post author

      Thanks Lauryn! They absolutely love it! It would be extremely easy to place a desk across the bottom two shelves and you’d have it all! Our Little Guy has a loft above a small nook in his room and we built in a surface for a desk. It’s such a space saver! Let me know how it goes when she gets her new room finished!


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