Pop Up Camper Remodel: Progress to date and a new season!

Spring is here! For me, that already means I’m obsessing over continuing the work of our 1999 Viking Popup Camper. Last summer, we got a great start and took her to for her maiden voyage, but there were some things I never got to share before she went into storage.

I’m so excited to share our new upgrades, organization solutions, and how we’ve taken our smelly and sad looking 1999 popup to a super cute camper that our family can enjoy even more this summer!

In my excitement, I thought I’d look back on what we did last year and share what we have planned for this year.

Pop Up Camper Remodel: Progress to date and a new season

We we picked up our 1999 Viking Pop Up Camper last summer, and I was so excited! Even if she was a little smelly and a little worn, she had so much potential! We got a great price for a camper with a bath, shower, and air conditioning. Check out all my thoughts and excitement when we first bought our new camper.

Pop Up Camper Remodel

Pop Up Camper Remodel: An Introduction to My New Baby

The first and most important thing to address was the old, musty smell she came with. It was awful! The main problem was all the fabric and cushions, so we took care of those first and got the old smell out of the camper.

Pop Up Camper Remodel: Getting the Smell Out

Pop Up Camper Remodel: Getting the Smell Out

After the curtains and cushions were removed, it was time to freshen up the camper with some white paint and a new floor. It was quite a process and we learned some lessons along the way! I was so happy with how the newly painted pop up came out!

Pop Up Camper Remodel: painting and Flooring

Pop Up Camper Remodel: Painting and Flooring

One of the most fun projects was the camper cushions. It was a challenge, but I was determined to find a way to create the cushion covers without a zipper or lots of seams and piping. The new camper cushions turned out great!

Pop Up Camper Remodel: New Cushions

Pop Up Camper Remodel: New Cushions

Before our first trip in the newly remodeled pop up camper, there were a few smaller projects finished that I can’t wait to get some pictures of and share! I also have a few things on the list for this spring and summer.

Stay tuned for some updates and tips for…

  • Creative camper organization
  • Creating two kids beds out of one popup camper bed
  • Patching ripped seams in the plastic window coverings
  • Reinforcing the storage compartment cover
  • Updating a boring camper fridge
  • Creating an outdoor kids space
  • Camper must-haves

Is there anything g else you would like to see that I may have forgotten?

Do you have a camper? Have you done any work on it?

Kristin - Exploring Domesticity

How Cute are These!?!

7 thoughts on “Pop Up Camper Remodel: Progress to date and a new season!

  1. Kristin

    Hello! I bought almost the exact same camper last weekend and am in the process of updating it with my husband! Ours is a 2003 Viking Saga and looks almost identical to yours but does not have a shower and toilet. We are all set to prime it tomorrow. It was nice to see the pictures of yours to give us an idea! =)

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  5. Cheryl

    Hey there! My husband and I have recently been given an old pop-up camper. It is old, and needed alot of TLC. By alot I mean we’ve replaced the windows, flooring, interior wall panelling and all of the bench/storage wood. We’ve painted the “kitchen” cabinet and ceiling panels. I’m about to begin working on the smelly cushions and I’m going to be using your tutorial on cleaning and re-covering. Thanks for all the remodeling posts. I’m looking forward to your post on “creative camper organization and creating two kids beds out of one popup camper bed”.

    1. Kristin, Exploring Domesticity Post author

      Hey there, Cheryl! It sounds likes you have quite the project, but so fun!

      We have been so behind with sharing our camper. We bought a new house and only used it once this summer! We live in MN, so it’s winterized now.

      Thanks for the reminder, because I really want to post about how we organize and sleep two kiddos in one bunk! I’ll get that up asap next Spring. Keep me posted on your progress – I have such camper withdrawal during the winter.


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