Quick Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

There are more than a few ways to start working toward a more decluttered kitchen right now! Don’t be overwhelmed by the overall job, break it into these manageable tasks.

Does anyone get so overwhelmed with all the cleaning that needs to be done that it’s hard to start?

I’m totally that person who feels like I might as well not do it at all if I can’t do it right. I would think about cleaning the counter, but that meant, I had to clear the clutter, and that meant I had to finally go through some of the less important mail that was piling up, and I should probably file a few of those things, and so on…

That basically means, we have a very cluttered house and I get overwhelmed everytime I look at all needs to be done. I finally decided I wasn’t looking at things the right way. I need to focus on the small tasks and work backwards so I at least get something done.

Small changes add up. I cleaned one small area of our kitchen and it made a big difference visually, was a quick and manageable project, and I felt accomplished. I also kept going and ended up cleaning a few other areas. I have a few other ideas of how you (and I, let’s be real) can pick a small project to tackle that cluttered kitchen.

Quick Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

My task: decluttering the fridge.

I looked at all the Christmas cards, pictures from the kids, random magnets, etc. and decided I had had enough. This pack rat decided to keep a few things and finally toss the rest.

This task, just like all the others I’m going to give you took very little time. I did it while I was carrying on a 5-minute conversation with my husband in the other room. It was done in no time, felt great, and I felt inspired to tack on a few more minutes of wiping down all of our stainless surfaces while I was at it.

I was surprised at what a difference it made. Does anyone else get that happy sigh of relieve when things are cleaner? I literally feelas in, physically – my house getting more spacious as the clutter decreases.

 Quick ways to Declutter your kitchen - the fridge

More Small Ways You Can Declutter Your Kitchen

Tackle one drawer or cabinet at a time

Take it slow. Don’t get into the trap I described before and think you might as well not even start if you can’t do it all. That will get you nowhere – or, right where I’m at!

Pick something manageable. You only have 5 minutes, you could definitely straighten up one drawer or one cabinet in that time. The next time you have another five minutes, move on to the next one.

Clear your command / drop center.

We all have a space like this and, if you’re like us, it’s one of the largest problems in the kitchen! Stay on top of this and the rest is a breeze!

I feel like we go through this area all the time and it clutters up so fast. We have used countless organizers and haven’t found the perfect tool to keep the drop zone tidy looking. If you have a solution that works for your family, let me know!! Please!

One counter section at a time

It’s all about breaking it down into something manageable.

We have, basically, four areas of counter space. One has the overflowing drop zone, one is where we have small appliances and set dishes to dry, one has a tray for bread and a hook for fruit, and one is a small space with the toaster oven. Each of those spaces could use some attention and it wouldn’t take much time to straighten them up or wipe them down.

Quick Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen - one piece of the counter at a time

Simplify the back of your sink

I don’t know about you, but the back of our sink, which really just needs to house the soap, ends up cluttered from time to time with multiple soaps or dish soaps, cups people are saving for the next time they grab water, or anything else my husband and I out there for convenience and forget about.

This area is not hard to clean but really makes a difference visually.

Clean the top of the fridge

We used to have a clutter-free fridge top, until we decided it was handy to out one thing there. Then, we decided it was a great spot for something else, and something else, and so on. Now, that thing is covered and it could really use some straightening or clean up.

Put away less used appliances

A great way to make your kitchen feel more open and less cluttered is to find other spaces to house your small appliances besides your counter top.

We have a toaster oven, coffee maker, blender, bread machine, dehydrator, crockpot, and food processor. There is no way we could keep all of them on our counter. Occasionally, the blender or coffee maker stay out for a little longer than necessary, and putting these items away really give us more counter space.

Streamline kiddo artwork

It is so hard to throw away those precious bits of artwork or schoolwork from the kiddos. But… It must be done! There is a balance between showing them how much you love their work and stealthily slipping the 20 pages of scribbles from your 3-year-old into the trash.

The thing is, they forget about it just as fast as you do. My daughter did spot one of her pictures in the trash, but I was quick to show her the dozens of tiny pieces we keep and use for grocery lists and she felt happy knowing she had made Mom her own personal stationary.

We like to file some that are in better condition away, use some for scratch paper, and toss the rest. If possible, here is a great idea to turn kiddo artwork into actual decor for your house. These are some precious pictures from one of my kiddos with autism I used to work with before my own kids. I couldn’t possibly throw them away, so I mounted them on some fun paper in a album frame.

Find ways to get things off the counters

There are a ton of great ideas out there for a more organized kitchen, and a lot of gadgets to help give you more counter space. Here are a few ideas, including Amazon affiliate links to give you some ideas.

I’m loving these tips so much, I’m off to tackle one section of counter top – the one with the bread and fruit – and put away the coffee maker.

Which area in your kitchen is the hardest to stay on top of?

Please share your own tips for a decluttered kitchen, I’d love to hear them!!

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