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My Day Friday Accountability Check In: Week 6

So, I skipped last week… Did anyone notice? There were just too many factors, too many things going on, and I didn’t think it was worth the stress of discussing it all when I hoped for a better week. I actually think I was down a pound from the week before, but that didn’t matter too much. I just needed to take a day off. I’m back at it after a crazy week, so I’m a little nervous to see what that means with the scale. Here goes nothing! my day friday accountability check-in: week 6 Continue reading

My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: Week 2

Another week of writing this before I check the scale…

I’m not sure how it will go… The cabin is so tough for me. I don’t want to be a nuisance when it comes to meals, so I try to plan a few and go with the flow on others. There is always dessert, candy, or ice cream around. It is also harder to find time for workouts when we have so much going on.

However… I did do more than a few things right, so I’ll be interested to see this number…

My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: week 2

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My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: the beginning

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’ve gotten away from utilizing this blog as an accountability tool. I implemented My Day Friday and tried to a tick to it, but it didn’t help a ton.

I’m going to get serious about this and make my goals public with weekly accountability check-ins.

I don’t like to post pictures of myself or get too personal which is why I never told anyone about my blog before, but now that some people know about my blog it makes this even harder.

I’m going to go for it. Hopefully this will help me stay on track!

My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: the beginning

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