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Tying up some loose ends and taking some family time + Balance Bar Giveaway

I have to be honest with you…

I’ve lost my drive, I’ve had other things take priority, and I’ve been missing out on real moments with my little ones…

I’m so in love with this little space to share, meet wonderful people, learn and experience new things that are great for our family, and let my creativity out. But I have to tell ya, it’s a lot of work. It’s even more work to learn to do it right. I’ve been devoting so much of my time and energy to this blog, the social channels to go with it, and trying to figure out how I can do it just right that all my passion and efforts start to pay off…

Well…. Right now, that’s not happening… I’ve been devoting more time to my hourly work-from-home gig and trying to be more present with my kiddos.


I’m on vacation and I read two books this week.

This. is. huge.

I used to read all the time and kids got in the way, but mostly, every waking moment was spent on my ipad writing blog posts, editing pictures, keeping up with social channels, etc. This week, I’ve done work solely from my bulky computer, kept the Instagram posts to a minimum, and picked up a book each night instead of my ipad.

It feels amazing.

How many of you bloggers can relate to feeling torn between loving sharing and community, and feeling like you would be happier without the self-imposed stress of blogging?

'Tis the gift to be simple

Well, this break has been fantastic! I’ve swam with my kiddos, I’ve watched them play without them having to lift my eyes from a screen, we’ve eaten meals  without Mom stopping to take a picture, and I’ve gotten more sleep than I’ve had in a long time. I’m not sure how this makes me feel…


Before I decide the fate of this blog, I have a couple obligations to fulfill and I have some more vacation time and a little while longer to think on this. Some of the things I would miss the most about leaving the blogging world would be the amazing opportunities it gives you to learn and share about my favorite companies.

As a Moms Meet Blogger, I’ve gotten to review some great products for the healthy and green family I hope to raise and before we left for vacation, I got a fantastic package from Frosche. Being the crazy time that it was, I had to leave the review to my husband because I forgot to take the products with us. I also have the opportunity to share a fantastic fall giveaway with you as a Balance Bar Insider. Therefore, I’m going to combine the two and share my fantastic news that I am now a Momentum Ambassador!

Momentum Jewelry - Live every day with intention

Do you see why it is so hard for me to give up all this fun!?

So, without further ado a Balance Bar giveaway with some yummy peanut butter bites that I tried for the first time, my fave chocolate mint, and cookie dough. Yum!  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for what I’m sure will be a thrilling review from a husband about dish soap.

Balance bar

As the days get shorter & colder, it can be easy to crave indulgent comfort foods. With Balance Bar, you can still indulge in decadent flavors like cookie dough and chocolate mint, but also have the balanced nutrition your body needs to stay energized and satisfied. Balance Bars are based on the 40-30-30 nutrition principle (40% of total calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from dietary fat). 40-30-30 is a proven formula developed by scientists to provide sustained, balanced energy and help satisfy hunger for longer.

Balance Bar Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!

Balance Bar Giveaway for Chocolate Lovers! {Fall Into Fitness Giveaway Hop}

As promised yesterday, I have a giveaway for all you chocolate lovers for International Chocolate Day!

Yes, I know the graphic says “national” but I didn’t want to change it, but this thing is international, baby!

International chocolate day balance bar giveaway - fall into fitness giveaway hop

Also, along with winning Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch Balance Bars, you can check out the links at the bottom for other giveaways as a part of the Fall Into Fitness Giveaway Hop!

International chocolate day balance bar giveaway - fall into fitness giveaway hop

I’ll make this short and sweet…

Happy International Chocolate Day (yesterday)

Enter below.

International chocolate day balance bar giveaway - fall into fitness giveaway hop
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Win all the prizes! I know I’ll be trying to!

Good luck!

Summer Shape Up: Win a Walmart Gift Card and Balance Bare Bars!

I'm so thrilled to have been asked to work with Balance Bar and Walmart to bring you this review and giveaway. I received compensation for sharing my opinions with you, but they are always my own.

We all love a giveaway, right? How about if I told you you could win some delicious Balance Bare Bars AND a Walmart Giftcard!?

Check out how we’re making the most of what’s left of summer, along with a review of some delicious fruit and nut bars, and then enter to win some awesome prizes!

Walmart and balance bare giveaway #BalanceAtWalmart

Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Anything Day {Balance Bar Giveaway}

There are so many days devoted to silly things these days, but there are two I fully stand behind: Talk Like A Pirate Day and Chocolate Covered Anything Day. I’m not much of a pirate-talker, but I do look forward to the day when I come across the person who totally embraces this!  Am I right, Matey?

Chocolate Covered Anything Day is one day I can totally get behind!

So, a big thanks to the folks at Balance Bar for letting me know when important days like this are upon us! I sure as heck wouldn’t want to miss out!  They sent me a little something to get my chocolate fix and they’re sending a huge pack to one of you as well! Chocolate Covered Everything Balance Bar Giveaway   Continue reading