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Camper Spare Tire Covers – Easily add some personality to your camper

Easily add personality to your camper with these fun camper spare tire covers.

We’ve found the cute, clever, patriotic, and pretty. Also those who want adventure, those who like rustic, and some specifically for pop up campers.

You’ll love these for your camper. It’s a very simple way to add a lot of charm.

Camper Spare Tire Covers - Easy way to add personality to your camper with covers for any style

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Pop Up Camper Replacement Parts

When buying an older pop up camper, one of the main questions is where to find the parts to get it looking as good as – or better than – new. Pop Up Camper Replacement Parts can be found, if you know where to look.

Here’s a list of Pop Up Camper Replacement Parts you can find on Amazon.

Pop Up Camper Replacement Parts - easy to find parts on Amazon

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Pop Up Camper Remodel: Progress to date and a new season!

Spring is here! For me, that already means I’m obsessing over continuing the work of our 1999 Viking Popup Camper. Last summer, we got a great start and took her to for her maiden voyage, but there were some things I never got to share before she went into storage.

I’m so excited to share our new upgrades, organization solutions, and how we’ve taken our smelly and sad looking 1999 popup to a super cute camper that our family can enjoy even more this summer!

In my excitement, I thought I’d look back on what we did last year and share what we have planned for this year.

Pop Up Camper Remodel: Progress to date and a new season

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Pop up Camper Remodel: Painting and Flooring

So, if your like us and you’re wondering how important it actually is to take the time for some serious prepsanding and priming or a special kit – or if you can just wing it with a paint with primer and a decent cleaning… I’m here to tell you, it depends on your plans for your camper.

For us, we know we want to take it out this summer, we know it will take a lot of abuse, and we know it won’t be long before the kids are too busy for camping trips.

We decided to go the “good enough” route because we bought this camper to be used and enjoyed. We will find out if we only find a chance to use it a couple times a year, or if we eventually want to go bigger because we use it so often. This camper is our trial run.

Pop Up Camper Remodel: painting and Flooring

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