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Breaking Through the Mommy Slump

I feel like it shouldn’t have taken this long to come to this realization…

I am full into the Mommy Slump.

I am the typical case:

  • Momma of a 2 and 3 year old
  • Turned stay-at-home-mom after the second
  • Lives in sweats and athletic clothes
  • Leaves the house for groceries, preschool drop-off/pick-up, and errands for the kids
  • Wears too-big clothes since workout off the baby weight
  • Rarely, if ever, wears makeup or does hair because it’s hard enough to get the kids ready
  • Found myself hardly relating to my husband and only talking about the kids or the house
  • etc…

I’ve recognized this happening, but it just feels so comfortable and easy and I never really thought of changing things.

This past week The realization came that if I make some small changes I can break out of this Mommy Slump.

Breaking Through the Mommy Slump

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