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My time with a personal trainer: summary of my Kohls Wellness Wish

In November I got the surprise of a lifetime.

When I shared my Wellness Wish in a Kohl’s Facebook group, I never dreamed I would receive a phone call telling me they were setting me up with a personal trainer three days a week for three months!

It was a complete dream!

Throughout December, January, and February I had an amazing time learning from a great trainer, staying committed to my fitness, and taking some time for myself 3 days a week. For the month of March we did one day a week.

And then it stopped…

Kohls Wellness Wish Video

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Your Hard Work is Paying Off {Yes Moments, Non Scale Victories, and Progress}

Along this journey to a healthy lifestyle there may not be reinforcement at every turn, but every once in a while you get one of those shining moments that tell you all your hard work is paying off!

These moments don’t come along very frequently (and I’ll be sharing a post about incentives and keeping your motivation up later), but when they do, it feels so good!

My favorite folks at Kohls call it a “Yes Moment” – those moments that make you yell out “yes!”  I’d love to come up with my own phrase, but it is just so perfect!

Yes Moment

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No Spend March {week 1}

I got a lot of comments on Instagram about how I was going to accomplish a No Spend Month.

No Spend Month - March

Really, this is just an attempt to pay closer attention to my spending and take another look at where we can save as I was doing when I first started this blog – before working from home and running on less time to focus on it.  I’m going to give it my best shot, be conscious of where my money goes, and pay attention to how much we have and what we can do with it.

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Holiday Health and Fitness Giveaway Hop

Hey all!

I’m so excited to have another fabulous giveaway for you today!  And – surprise! – it’s another giveaway hop so you have a bunch of awesome giveaways to enter!  Just hop around the links at the bottom and be sure to check them all out! I promised some awesome giveaways after WOW Summit and with all the loot I took home, I will not disappoint!!

WOW Summit Swag and Prizes 2014

I can’t even tell you guys how much I took away from WOW Summit!  I learned so much about healthy living for my family and some amazing companies who put so much work and passion into creating quality products so I can help give my family the best.  I’m so thankful to Moms Meet and Kiwi Magazine for helping me find these products and testing them out first. Immediately after WOW Summit in Orlando I went to stay for an extended vacation in another part if Florida which is why you haven’t seen much of a recap yet – it’s also why my giveaway is not quite complete yet.  

Keep checking back before the giveaway ends December 15th to reveal more prizes!

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Week 1 of the Fall Fitness Challenge {#fffchallenge}

How did you do with week one of the Fall Fitness Challenge? Did you move at least 10 minutes a day, or keep up with your other goals?

As a fun way to keep myself on track, I’m teaming up with some great bloggers to bring you a Fall Fitness Challenge! A big thank you to Nora from Adventures of a Mother-Daughter Running Duo! This is just what I needed!

Kristen K. at Run Away With Me | Ariana at HappyLife.HealthyLife | Brandi at Noteworthy Running | Michelle at Fearless Beauty Fitness | Kathy at MamaMarathoner | Diane at Runnin Rocker | Alicia at NeverEverBeenSkinny

Fall fitness challenge #fffchalenge

For the past 4 days I’ve kept up my streak of drinking warm lemon water and I love it! I’ve never been a fan of lemon in my water, but I really love it warm in the morning. It’s so soothing and it gives me a moment to get the kiddos fed and still be able to do a little something for myself before getting wrapped up I t he craziness of two little ones in the morning.

That small act each morning helps me set my intentions for the day.

Warm lemon water in the morning

I’ve been getting my 10 minutes a day in as well… It’s not always easy. Everyday activities have been how I’ve been keeping to the plan. Raking leaves with the kiddos has been a big one. I rake them up and they jump through them and spread them around.

Fall activity: raking

Today was definitely not easy…

I’ve been trying to get up early to workout, but the kids beat me to it pretty often. I planned to take a run while the kiddos napped at my parents, and a trip to Kohls for some much-needed pants for the kiddos and short nap times interrupted that plan. I thought maybe I could sneak a run in before dinner, but realized I had left my clothes at my parents’ and I still hadn’t thawed the meat for dinner. Next, I though I could definitely get in a Jillian DVD while the kids played outside, but they chose to stay in. As a last ditch effort, I finally got the kiddos downstairs and got in an hour on the elliptical.

Busy momma workouts

A slow hour, but I moved the whole time while getting some things done instead of sitting on the coach, which is all that matters.

It’s great to have a goal and that little extra push each day.

How did you do this past week?

What are your goals for next week?

Share with us!

Charting for Accountability {#thestruggleisreal}

I see the hashtag #thestruggleisreal all the time and that is definitely how I feel right now about my weight loss efforts.

I. Am. Struggling.

The easy excuse is that life has been so busy lately. We no longer have our wonderful nanny that made our lives easier all summer long. I’m trying to make up for how much slacking I did on the blog this summer, and I’m still having trouble saying no to the awesome review opportunities that come my way. My amazing job with DietBetter can be really hard to find time for without a large blog of time to get into a grove without the start and stop of fielding children. My kiddos deserve any extra attention I can give them during the day. Last, especially after BlogFest, I am dying to get some time in on up and coming projects that seem to fall to the bottom of the list!


Whew! Now that that’s over…

I can still do this!

I’m a very visual person. I have a million to-do lists, dry erase boards on the back of cabinets for meal plans and reminder, more than one planner, and multiple notebooks to hot things down.

Especially now with how much I have on my plate, I need some reminders so that the time doesn’t go by with me completely missing some important things.

Charting weight loss and fitness goals

When I found this “Class Chart” at the dollar store, I knew I had my temporary solution! I know have a “Kick Ass Chart” to help keep me on track. I placed everything in the order of my day and when I’d like to remember certain things. I also placed things in there to remind myself how easy it can be to fit something in.

No, I don’t plan to do five workouts a day, but I do want a reminder that I can fit in a naptime workout or run if I didn’t do a morning workout, or a quick 10-15 minutes before my shower if I still hadn’t had time for anything. I also need those many water reminders because, when I’m busy, I realize far too much time goes by between water breaks!

I’m getting there. It’s doing the trick so far and I love checking things off!

What do you do to keep yourself accountable? Are you a list and chart person?

HUGE Giveaway to Keep You Healthy and Active!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this! Lisa, from The Skinny on Health, put together a fantastic prize pack and I’m so excited to be a part of the amazing group making it happen.

Ok, for real, I’m more than a little sad I can’t win, but beyond happy one of you can!!

Health and fitness goodie bag giveaway


The box is full of our favorite products out there, like custom fitness DVDs, vitamins, workout supplements, super pretty jewelry and hair accessories, exercise equipment, and more, from companies like Grace Lace and Iron, PiYo Hardcore, Designer Whey, Vega Sport, Dr. Josh Axe, Shapeology, My Beauty Tea, Bach, Lorna Jane, Shred, Manitoba Harvest, Smarty Pants, FabFitFun, and BuluBox! I told you, this box is AMAZING.

Here are the amazing bloggers making this Health and Fitness Goodie Bag possible, you can enter to win it below! 🙂

Health and fitness goodie bag giveaway bloggers

The Skinny on Health

Lisa is a masters in public health nutrition and soon-to-be registered
dietitian with a passion for healthy living, delicious food, and
enjoying fitness. The Skinny on Health uses science to explain how to
live a healthy life to the fullest, with tips and tricks for weight
loss, glowing skin, productivity, cooking, and everything in between!

Exploring Domesiticity

Just a Momma trying to learn those domestic skills she never quite got
the hang of, and now trying to learn to be a healthy role model for
her two little ones. With kiddos who ask for broccoli and to do
squats, I think they’re doing better than I am!

– Style + Greens –

Style+Greens (formerly Illustrated Nutrition) is a lifestyle blog
unlike any other– with a focus on health and design. Kathryn is a
future registered dietitian with a love for nutrition and a lifelong
creative passion for fashion and interior design. Achieving a healthy
lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style in the

Hungry Healthy Girl

I love to cook and bake healthy meals and snacks for my family. I
started blogging as a way to share my love for healthy cooking and
fitness. Come check out my blog for delicious, yet nutritious eats!

Health Be a Hippie

Health Be a Hippie is a blog dedicated toward empowering women to
embrace their true and best selves through natural, nutritious, and
active living.

Fitful Focus

Fitful Focus began as a way to document my journey to lead a healthier
life. The name stems from the three things I believe anyone needs to
achieve that challenge: getting FIT, keeping my tummy FULL of whole
food goodness, and staying FOCUSed on my goal of leading that
healthier, happier life. Over the last two years, I’ve lost 20 pounds,
became a marathoner, completed a Tough Mudder, beasted p90x and
Insanity, and am starting to get more into strength training and yoga.
I love trying new workouts, foods, and products and sharing all my
finds with everyone else. I’ve starting creating my own recipes,
sharing things that motivate me, and have met so many others that
inspire me and hold me accountable as I continue along this amazing
journey. I’m no longer dreaming about a better life, I’m living it!

Lauren Lives Healthy

Lauren Lives Healthy is a healthy living blog where Lauren shares her
tips and tricks for staying healthy in the Bay Area. She shares quick
and satisfying recipes, training tips for half marathons and
triathlons, and motivation to help you reach your health goals.

Let’s Do This! Good luck everyone!

Health and fitness goodie bag giveaway

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