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Accomplishments of 2014 and Goals of 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy new year

I rang the new year in the same way I have for the past 4 years… In bed, watching the ball drop. I’ve been pregnant or home with little ones and my husband is the one to go out with buddies, but that works just fine for me right now.

I had some time to look over my goals from the last year and make some new ones.  Even though I was at about 50% for the year, I love making goals and getting excited about everything I plan to do with my fresh start.

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June Game Plan

Oof, last month was a slide back into old habits. I nearly lost my first DietBet and needed the two days to weigh out. This month, I’m determined to focus on the healthy habits that helped me in the past.

Ugh.. I know what works so I don’t know why I slip back…

I will not get discouraged

This month will be different, because I’m back to making goals and I’m going to check in each week to stay accountable.

Game Plan

  • Drink 6 (16oz) Water Bottles a Day.  This is #1. When I focus on my water I feel great! I may even make some cucumber, lemon, and mint water again… I made myself a bracelet to track so that should help too.
  • Small Sweat Sessions.  With the nice weather, I’ve been lookin forward to a run as my workout each day, but sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t make it out.  That, along with really needing to build some muscle and tone up, is why I’ve decided to try to get in 2-3 mini workouts a day.
  • Track Everyday! I’ve gotten away from tracking with MyFitnessPal, but it makes a works of difference when I do.
  • Meal Plan.  I do so much better when there is a plan, even if I know to plan a seperate meal for the family and myself.  I also have the help of a nanny 3 mornings this week and will need to plan snacks and lunch for myself.
  • Brush teeth with the kids. This one helps my late-night snacking but I almost always want a snack after the kids go to bed. I think I’ll make sure to do this one even if I have room for a snack, maybe it will at least slow me down!

What are you favorite things to do to get yourself back on track?

2014 Goals Revisited

Boy, time flies!

I was reminded recently that we are a full quarter into 2014.  Many New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Those of us who created goals may have forgotten some, or haven’t realized now would be a great time to check in.

Luckily, I found an awesome linkup from The Valentine RD and Vita Train for Life for 2014 goals and jumped into the 1st quarter review to share my goals. However, the linkup has ended and I’m just now evaluating my progress. Hopefully I won’t be late with my second quarter check in. Either way, those awesome ladies inspired me to review my goals, which I may not have done on my own.

Let’s take a look at them then, shall we?

2014 goals: 1st quarter review


So far, I have been able to cross 6 of my goals off the list. I have switched over from Blogger to WordPress and kept records each month for the first time since I started blogging a year ago. I’ve found a preschool and signed my 2yo up for next Fall. We have also gotten a great bedtime routine down finally! My little guy is such a trooper and goes to bed earlier and right into his own bed without a problem. Last, thanks to tax season, we have increased our savings which hadn’t made a move in that direction since I started staying home. Last, on the weight loss front, my engagement ring fits again. I’ve been wearing my bands because they are bigger, but the ring finally fits my finger for the first time in nearly 3 years!

In Progress

Several of my goals have a good start but may take a while to complete. I may have to change my 14 Races in 2014 goal a big because I’ve decided to go for a 10K and a half. I may could those as 6 of the races. We still have plenty of snow, so our race season hasn’t gotten off to much of a start in Minnesota, but I am registered for my first race on April 26th. I’m running Run or Dye, and if anyone in Minnesota is looking for a fun run I have a discount code for you! Use code RODSTPAULED5 for $5 off registration!

I am really revving up to start my own “business” and I have finally decided to stop putting it off and set a deadline, so June 1st may be my debut as a business-owner. You may have noticed the quotations around the word business, I really expect it to be similar to the blog but with a smarter format, I will set up a new website, I need contributors who are much more knowledgable than myself, and I still am not quite sure how to try to monetize… So, I will approach it as a business, but it may be just a labor of love for a while. At least I have the ball rolling! By the way, I am looking for contributors who have some expertise in creating workouts, recipes, and graphic or printables – so if anyone has an interest in contributing, shoot me an email!!!

Not Happening

There are some sad little red X’s next to some goals I have failed at… Womp, womp… I’m definitely not going to hit my 40lbs by May goal, I may have better accomplished that goal if I hadn’t failed at the “track every day” goal… I lost 8lbs with my last DietBet and am already down 4 for this one – I have until the 10th, so I think I should be able to knock off 8 more…

I was thinking it would be great to get my 2yo into swimming lessons this Spring, so he is ready for swimming at the lake this summer. I gave this one because I decided to wait to spend the money until he is able to be in a class without me in the water, and is doing more than getting used to the water – he can do that with us at the lake, so that one may turn into a goal for Fall or next Spring.

The last failure, “blog ahead 1 week.” Nope. I am forever behind with no great schedule to follow. This is still a goal, but I didn’t achieve it for this quarter.

Still Time

I still have plenty of time to hit my remaining goals. I definitely hope to get half of them completed before I check-in at the six-month mark, but I think this is a good start.

Do you make yearly goals?

Do we share any of the same goals for 2014?

I’m linking up with Katie because many of these accomplished and in progress goals are great non-scale victories. Speaking of non-scale victories, I’m in the running to present during the lightning round of BlogFest with SweatPink. It only takes a second and I can’t miss this opportunity, so I’d LOVE your vote!! I am the first proposal! Thank you so much for supporting me!!