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Your glory days are in front of you: crowding out the bad habits with good ones!

Last week was amazing! I felt energized, I felt like I was on the right path, and everything was going great.

Then I hit the weekend…

Instead of feeling totally in control of my health and weight loss, I felt like I was struggling to stay above water. I was making the right choices with meals, but most were a struggle… I was getting to my water goal, but always a little behind and playing catch-up at night… I was struggling big time with night-time snacking…

It was exhausting!

Yesterday I had a moment of clarity about how much better I felt the week before. So, what was the difference???

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The Day My Wellness Wish Was Granted!

What is your Wellness Wish?

If you could wish for anything to help you on your health and wellness journey or help you keep up your healthy habits, what would it be?

...and how ecstatic, blessed, touched, etc. would you be if someone granted that wish?

I got the opportunity to find out, and it has been amazing!

The day my wellness wish was granted

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#HealthfulNewYear January Photo Challenge 2015

Hey all!

Who loves the idea of the New Year?

Regardless of whether or not you are a resolution-maker, I think everyone can appreciate the fresh feeling that comes with the brand new year! I like to list my goals (coming later) and, as always, at the top of that list is to focus on my health and set a healthy example for my little ones. Since I love fun ways to stay committed to these goals, I thought you would too!

I bring you the #HealthfulNewYear Photo Challenge!

#HealthfulNewYear January Photo Challenge 2015


Let’s have a little fun and focus on creating healthy habits for the first 28 days of January!

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