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Exploring Domesticity and Mom Life {How this blog got started and input from you!}

There is always a bit of reflection this time of the year. For us, it’s on Exploring Domesticity and Mom Life in general.

We’re looking back on our 5+ years of Exploring Domesticity. How it started. What was the purpose in the beginning. And what the plan is in the new year ahead.

Whether you’re longtime readers, stumbled across a couple interesting posts on Pinterest, or just checking us out for the first time… We want your input!

What do you want to know? What are you interested in? How can we help?

Exploring Domesticity and Mom Life - How this blog started, and input from you!

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Rainbow Yogurt Bites: Frozen Yogurt Bears and Dots


Rainbow Yogurt Bites is such a fun and colorful treat. Kids don’t have to know that parents love to give them this healthy snack!

Easily make these frozen yogurt bears and dots for snacks, treats, or lunches! Kiddos will love the fun colors and how they swirl together. Parents love how easy this healthy snack is!


Rainbow Yogurt Bites - Healthy Snack Kids love with Frozen Yogurt Bears and Dots

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Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks {BYOHS}

Healthy eating is hardest when you’re on the go. Most activities come riddled with unhealthy temptations at every turn. The best way to resist those temptations is to come prepared with your own healthy snacks. Here are some handy tips to Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks {BYOHS} to your next outing.

{BYOHS} Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks: Tips for bringing you own healthy snacks to help resist temptation on your next outing

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ABCs of Summer: Summer Activities for Preschoolers {Letter C}

Keep your kiddos busy and engaged this summer with the ABCs of Summer daily activities, snacks, art, and science. Each day focuses on one letter of the alphabet with snacks. art or science, and a physical activity to go along with it.

Be sure to enter below to win the ‘Let’s Learn to Read’ DVD set for your little ones!

ABCs of Summer - Each day focuses on one letter of the alphabet with snacks. art or science, and a physical activity to go along with it.

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Our Summer Road Trip – AKA: Sneaking Hail Merry Bites through 3 states…

We went on the most beautiful trip the first week of summer vacation. We started from our cabin in Wisconsin, visited Mackinaw Island for a few days, and “camped” in Door County Wisconsin before returning home to Minnesota. All the while, I stealthily snacked on Hail Merry Bites so I wouldn’t have to share with the kids!

Our Summer Road Trip. AKA: Sneaking Hail Merry Bites through 3 states...

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Easy-to-Peel & Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a staple at our house. My kids could eat them every day and the whole family love them as a quick breakfast, part of a healthy lunch, or even a high-protein snack.

The worst part about hard-boiled eggs is definitely peeling them. I recently found the best way to cook easy peel hard boiled eggs! I’ve cooked our eggs this way the past 3 or 4 times and they’ve turned out great! Easy peel hard boiled eggs every time!

If your family is like mine, eggs don’t last long. This easy way of hard-boiling leaves you with easy-to-peel eggs every time! Even if you’re like us and eggs don’t last long enough in your household to hard-boil older eggs – new eggs peel without a problem!

Easy peel hard boiled eggs - easy-to-peel and perfect hard-boiled eggs

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Simple Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth #IWorkoutForSnacks

There are certain foods that aren’t safe for me to keep in the house. No matter how strong my resolve is to stick to my goals, it just works better not to have temptation around.

So, what about those times when your sweet tooth has you searching out (and sampling) everything in the cupboards to find something to satisfy that craving?

Here are some healthier options that have 3 ingredients or less and can satisfy your sweet tooth in no time.

Simple Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Taking Care of YOU {5 ways to show some self-love after the holidays}

Whew! The holidays are over and the New Year is beginning!

Does anyone else feel like they just ran a marathon?

I feel like we’ve been running a race since Halloween! We left for Florida the first week of November, I attending a conference in Orlando, we spent a couple weeks helping out my grandparents with a remodel in another part of Florida, returned home on Thanksgiving Day, started the whirlwind of Christmas prep and shopping, had Kohls grant my wellness wish (details coming this week, I promise!) and film the family, hosted Christmas with my husband’s family, and completed all the Christmas festivities with my family and ended with a weekend at the cabin.

Wow! Now wonder!

I do have to give myself a bit of a pat on the back, though. After the craziness of November and the first week or two of December, I did finally remember to take care of myself around Christmas and this past weekend. Here are some things that helped me survive and some that I would like to continue to remember in the New Year.

Taking Care of YOU: 5 ways to show some self-love

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Why Hemp Hearts Should be in YOUR Recipes! {Manitoba Hearts Review}

If you’ve followed me on Instagram or ever come across one of my salad pictures, you may have noticed they always contain the same go-to toppings.  The first is toasted flax seeds and the second is Hemp Hearts.  I just don’t make a salad without them!

Salad Toppings: Manitoba Hemp Hearts

I tried Hemp Hearts on a whim about six months ago.  I had some money to spend at the Kiwi Store online and decided to give Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts a whirl.  Such a great decision!

They are delicious and nutty and I’m having so much fun experimenting with them.  My go-to is salads, but I’ve also made a couple other treats with them.

I love the nutty bit of crunch they added to my Chocolate Caramel Protein Bites.

Chocolate caramel PB bites

I also had too much fun making a snack to satisfy my sweet tooth with dates, a tiny bit of peanut butter, half a banana slice and as many hemp hearts as I could get to stick!  Yum!

Manitoba Hemp Hearts, dates, peanut butter, and banana

Now, my husband has been working 7 days a week lately, which means this Momma has also been working 7 days a week (but, really, what’s the difference…), or you would be seeing all sorts of help heart concoctions!

Wednesday night our meal plan is for a Tomato Basil Soup from Frontier Soups and I can’t wait to add some hemp hearts to that – delicious! Also, I was just kicking myself for not taking the time to try some hemp heart chicken nuggets the other night while I was cooking up more than two chickens!

Luckily, while cruising the Manitoba Harvest website I found that I am not the first genius to come up with these ideas and you can find some great recipes for soups, entrees, and more!

So, besides the facts that they taste great, why should YOU be adding them to your own recipes???

Fast Facts About Hemp Hearts

  • Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of protein per 30 gram serving
  • Hemp Hearts are a complete vegetarian protein
  • Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of Omegas per 30 gram serving
  • Hemp Hearts are a raw, whole food
  • Hemp Hearts are delicious!

Ok, so I don’t even want to tell you about this one, but

There is a contest going to win a 5lb bag of Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest! If I can get my stuff together – not too likely because tonight is my Little Lady’s 2nd Birthday and we leave for Florida in a couple weeks – I will definitely be trying to win that awesome prize! Just tag your photos of your Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart recipes with #sweatpink @manitobaharvest #hemphearts on Twitter or Instagram by November 30th and you’ll be entered to win!

If you don’t have any hemp hearts to create a recipe, use the code HHSweatPink14 for 20% off anything on manitobaharvest.com until November 30th, 2014.

Have you tried Hemp Hearts?

How would you use them?

{Healthy} Tips and Tricks Tuesday #33


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Hey everyone!

It’s Tuesday, and time to share our healthy living / fitness tips and tricks or to look for support, guidance, or inspiration from others to make this journey a little smoother.

Join us and share all of your amazing weight loss advice, or link up a topic to get some advice.

{Healthy} Tips and Tricks Tuesday


Thanks to everyone who shared last week! Here is the most-clicked link:


Skinny Opinion shared a yummy recipe for Top 10 Healthy Foods for your Kitchen.


Also, be sure to check the Tips and Tricks Tuesday Pinterest board to see if your post was featured there!

{Healthy} Tips and Tricks Tuesday

So, here’s the deal:

  • Link up any past posts you have that you think may benefit others in any way – advice, recipes, reviews, workouts, motivation, inspiration, etc…
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