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My kind of Yoga! {Tara Stiles: the Bob Ross of yoga}

IDEA World Fitness BlogFest was nearly a month ago and I’m still reeling from all that I took away from the experience and I’m breaking out handstands like a maniac.

The later I attribute to the amazing yoga session with Tara Stiles.

When I heard we had yoga with Tara, I was excited because I recognized her name and I knew others were excited.

I’m not much of a yogi. I took a few classes with my mom, aunt, and cousin and we were the the ones giggling in the back of the class.

Giggling was not really ok in that class.

Such a turn off for a group of women who want to get together, relax, and enjoy themselves!

I always felt nervous in that class. I would give the hold a try but, honestly, I wanted to be able to giggle if I wasn’t having much luck because, darn it, it’s funny!

That is why I loved the session with Tara so much! She laughed through the whole thing and was a total goofball at times which made me really comfortable and way more relaxed that I ever was in another yoga class!

IDEA World Firness BlogFest yoga with Tara Stiles

She constantly said things like, “just do what feels good,” “maybe you’re feet come off the ground and you go upside down,” and “no big deal.”


I totally felt the exact same level of comfort and meditation that I got from Watching Bob Ross paint.

Remember that guy??? Loved him!

Happy trees with Tara Stiles and Bob Ross

She nearly made the exact same reference to “happy trees” and I felt like I would hear her say, “it’s your world, whatever you want…”

THAT is what life should be.

It is your life. Do what feels good and be yourself.

It's your life, do what feels good

No pressure.

I love it! Thank you Tara for my best yoga experience ever!

Do you feel uncomfortable in traditional yoga classes?

Would you feel more comfortable id you were free to giggle all the way through, do what feels right, and bust out some awesome handstands and high fives?

BlogFest Lightning Round Swag Bag! {AMRAP Bar GIVEAWAY!}

I feel so fortunate to have been chosen to speak at the IDEA World Fitness BlogFest with SweatPink! I’m so touched that many if you voted to help make it possible!

I’m going to share my presentation in the near future, but first…

The Swag Bag!

Not only did we have an amazing swag bag as Lightning Round Speakers, but our swag was in one of the most awesome bags I own!!


Fivesse awesome gym bag and perfect for yoga

Fivesse makes some of the most beautiful bags, but they are also incredibly functional gym bags! There is a large duffle that many of the other presenters chose, but I picked the smaller bag because it is so adorable! I don’t currently take a yoga class, but this bag would be perfect because it has straps to hold a mat on the back.

Speaking of yoga mats…

Aspen Yoga Mats

Aspen Yoga Mat

These mats are awesome! I love the size, color, and personalization. I couldn’t be happier with the color they selected for me! According to the tag, orange symbolizes excitement, warmth, and enthusiasm. Now I just need a yoga class to use my Aspen yoga Mat.

Kooshoo headbands!

Kooshoo headband

This headband is so beautiful and soft! It’s one of those bands that is thicker with a bit of a twist in the fabric, so it’s a little intimidating to a fashionably-challenged person such as myself. Fortunately the tag tells me I can visit kooshoo.com for ways to wear my Kooshoo band. Also, a percent of the proceeds are donated to charity, which is always a bonus!

Pace Bands

Half Marathon Pink Paceband

I was so excited about this one. I had originally set me goal of a half marathon by October, but I sure didn’t get much if a chance to train this busy summer. However, I got the Half a Marathon Pace Band with a nice, slow pace. I may still have to go for it – it is the Biggest Loser Run/Walk after all, I could for sure make it is I walks the majority. Now I have an awesome motivator and reminder of that goal!


AMRAP Bars Review

Ok, here’s what you’ve been waiting for! We got an awesome shirt and three AMRAP (aka. as many rounds as possible) bars to try. I had already agreed to review the bars for Sweat Pink, so this was a perfect chance to try them a bit early.

I’m so in love with these bars! Especially since they have awesome, whole ingredients – gotta love a super short list where you can recognize and pronounce each and every one!

AMRAP Cashew Vanilla bar

The first bar I had to try was the Cashew Vanilla. I had to hold off on it for a while because it has over 300 calories and I haven’t had the time to burn enough calories to consume that one lately – and who can stop at just half??? But it was worth the wait!! Mmm… I can still taste it… This was by far my favorite! I also completely enjoyed the Fig Cocao and Almond Honey – they all taste great and have such simple and wonderful ingredients.

Here is the best part… I have the awesome opportunity to give them away to… Wait for it…

THREE winners!!

Each winner (open to US and Canada) will have the chance to choose an 8-pack of AMRAP bars in the flavor of their choice (Cashew Vanilla, Almond Honey, or Fig Cacao)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I met Lorna Jane! …and an IDEA World Fitness BlogFest sneak peek…

I participated in countless challenges with Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink. I’m embarrassed to say I even had a shopping cart full and ready because I thought I rocked the #movenourishbelieve Pinterest Challenge – oops!

This time around, during the #activelivingchallenge, I’ve had a hard time keeping up, but for good reason! I’ve been so busy getting ready, attending BlogFest, and recovering from BlogFest.

It was an amazing experience!!

This will just have to be a teaser because, while I’m playing catch up, I have two posts for you and won’t get to a full BlogFest recap until next week.

I got to hear from Lorna Jane herself! She is so motivating and sweet!

Lorna Jane at BlogFest

I realized during week two of the #activelivingchallenge that my kids are the answer to everything – they are my motivation, they are who/what I am grateful for, and they are my everything.

Putting myself first to be a better mom

You might think that means I don’t take care of myself, and that happens from time to time, but it has helped me realize something. I am so grateful for them that they motivate me to improve myself.

I’m inspired to take care of myself, eat healthy and stay active, so I will be the best mom possible and show them the best example possible.

I’m so blessed to be where I am right now, to have wonderful people in my life, and be presented with such amazing opportunities.

I can’t wait to fill you in on my most recent opportunity to meet inspiring women and share and learn together at IDEA World Fitness BlogFest with Sweat Pink!

Do you put your kids first, or have you realized you can better serve them when you put yourself first? Of course, this goes for putting all others first as well – even if you don’t have children – share! I want to know!

IDEA World BlogFest with Sweat Pink {I’m comin’ for ya!}

I guarantee you I was one of the first people registered for IDEA World BlogFest with SweatPink. I jumped on that opportunity so fast it left my whole family stunned! I’m a very frugal lady who either never spends money or doesn’t spend it without taking A LOT of time to think about it, but when that first email came out I talked it over with my mom and husband and decided to go for it that day!

IDEA World Fitness BlogFest with Sweat Pink

I cannot wait!

I’m so happy I signed up so fast because I also jumped at the chance to speak during the BlogFest Lightning Round and, thanks to you guys, I was chosen! I’m so excited for this chance because I will get the opportunity to introduce myself to every amazing person in that room all at one time!

Now, if only all my practice could get that presentation to cover all I want to say in five minutes without sounding like an auctioneer!

Blogfest lightning round

I also would feel a lot more calm if my packing was done and I felt confident I had everything I need. I’ve got my lists, did some shopping, and think I have a decent idea but I really hope I don’t forget something!

I also hope the fact that I left my shoes in the splash pad parking lot today for someone else to enjoy isn’t an indication that I have too much in my head to get any one thing right!

We have so many exciting opportunities available to us that week! Not only do we get to meet some amazing people, but we will learn so much and leave feeling completely empowered and ready to conquer the world. I most look forward to that feeling and how high I’ll be flying before I get back to reality of a SAHM of a 1 and 3 year old who works part-time from home and will be losing her nanny a week later…

The keynote speaker is Jillian Michaels, we will learn about building our brand with Cassie Ho from Blogilates, and we get to workout with Tony Horton! Besides all of that, everyone in attendance will be amazing bloggers who I have looked up to for the past year!

I can’t wait to meet the Fit Approach ladies – they are all so sweet and I’m sure they will be in person! They’re also having a meet and greet with Lorna Jane! She is so inspiring and I’ve gotten so much out of the Lorna Jane Challenges.

Speaking of challenges, this past week Sweat Pink and Lorna Jane began the #activelivingchallenge. I’ve been joining in each day with photos and have loved seeing everyone else post as well. That meet-and-greet will go along with this challenge, which is so exciting! If you’re not going to BlogFest you can still participate in the challenge and be in the running for a Lorna Jane gift card. Come follow me on Instagram and find out what all these photos are about!


If it isn’t extremely apparent – I feel like a hyper little poodle with all these exclamation points! – I’m pretty excited!

I’ve been looking forward to this for months now and can’t believe it’s only days away. I’m ready to be back in CA, and I can’t believe I’ve been twice this year! The last trip was a dream and I know this one will be great! I’m so ready to meet all the other Sweat Pink Ambassadors who will be there! I feel so fortunate to represent DietBetter while I am there – they have done so much for me personally with my weight loss and professionally supporting me and believing in me. I’m also very excited to support Amy with Momentum Jewelry at the Expo – it is such a small world that we live just minutes away from each other and will be meeting in California! It’s going to be amazing!



So, who will be at BlogFest??? And who will be wishing they were! I’ll keep you posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!