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Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization with kids {$150 Minted Giveaway!}

Spring cleaning for kids’ rooms. Ideas for closet organization. Oh yeah, and $150 to Minted!!!

Tips for getting the kiddos involved in the cleaning and organization, as well as suggestions for a functional kid’s closet.

Warm weather and fresh starts are the best! Not to mention getting some money for your decor or even your Spring or Summer parties! 

Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization with Kids and $150 Minted Giveaway!

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Hamper Hoop DIY: keep kids’ clothes off the floor

A little while ago I shared some of our favorite ways for making cleaning fun for kids. Well, we have one more trick up our sleeve, and it’s so easy you can do it too!

My little guys actually loves to put his laundry in the hamper and clean up his clothes. We spent one dollar on this project and we no longer have clothes on the floor or have to remind him to pick up. 

We love this fun way to help kids put their clothes in the hamper!

Hamper Hoop DIY

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3 Ways to Help Young Children Love Cleaning!

We tried to make cleaning fun from the time the kids were very little.

I used to work with kiddos with autism and, from my Behavior Analysis background, I knew that high praise and making it enjoyable was the key. We’ve found a few ways to get the kids to cleanup without them realizing it’s a chore, and it makes things much easier!

These are the top three ways I’ve found to get the kids to love cleaning.

3 Ways to Help Young Children Love Cleaning

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