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Quick Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

There are more than a few ways to start working toward a more decluttered kitchen right now! Don’t be overwhelmed by the overall job, break it into these manageable tasks.

Does anyone get so overwhelmed with all the cleaning that needs to be done that it’s hard to start?

I’m totally that person who feels like I might as well not do it at all if I can’t do it right. I would think about cleaning the counter, but that meant, I had to clear the clutter, and that meant I had to finally go through some of the less important mail that was piling up, and I should probably file a few of those things, and so on…

That basically means, we have a very cluttered house and I get overwhelmed everytime I look at all needs to be done. I finally decided I wasn’t looking at things the right way. I need to focus on the small tasks and work backwards so I at least get something done.

Small changes add up. I cleaned one small area of our kitchen and it made a big difference visually, was a quick and manageable project, and I felt accomplished. I also kept going and ended up cleaning a few other areas. I have a few other ideas of how you (and I, let’s be real) can pick a small project to tackle that cluttered kitchen.

Quick Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

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