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Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

I was a little slow to jump on the overnight oats train, but I am so happy I finally did!!

If you follow me on twitter and Instagram, I rave about them all the time!  I think I’ve shared the recipe about ten times by now.  Why it took me so long to share it here, I have no idea…

There are a million different ways to make your own overnight oats, but this is the recipe I used the first time I tried them and it has been love ever since.  I’ve never been an oatmeal fan, but this is like a dessert for breakfast and the consistence is a bit thinner which is why I love it so much.  The sweetness of the banana and peanut butter, with the touch of cinnamon – delicious!

Here it is, my all-time favorite Overnight Oats Recipe!

Peanut butter banana overnight oats

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Ham Asparagus & Egg White Cups: great make-ahead on-the-go breakfast

I’m sharing a tasty recipe that I won’t be eating today because it’s Ash Wednesday, but these Ham Asparagus & Egg White Cups are delicious! They’re also a great way to make a breakfast ahead of time, keep in the fridge or freeze, and have something on hand to grab when you’re short on time in the morning.

This is a way better option than grabbing a protein bar on the go, or *gasp* skipping all together!

Ham Asparagus & egg White Cups

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How to Make a Month of Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches {and Burritos}

My husband is a creature of habit. Each day, he warms up a breakfast sandwich before heading off to work. We started out buying Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches and scaled back to Great Value Breakfast Sandwiches to save a bit of money, but I was buying these things all the time! I decided I could save money and a few trips to the store by making our own homemade breakfast muffins to freeze and reheat.

I now spend some time one day to make enough breakfast sandwiches and burritos to last more than a month!

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