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Blueberry Pecan Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette {3 Dishes with Frozen Wild Blueberries}

My kiddos love blueberries, but we had never tried Wild Blueberries until we were asked to try them on behalf of Moms Meet. We received product for review and, just like my unfiltered kiddos, all opinions are honest and my own.

Have you ever made a whole meal with blueberries?

I took on the challenge of creating 3 Dishes with Wild Blueberries and each turned out more amazing than I could imagine! I’ll be sharing each of them over the next couple weeks and you can make a delicious meal with blueberries too!

This sweet and tangy salad is a delicious start to any meal or on it’s own. You’ll love it!

Blueberry Pecan Salad

3 Dishes with wild Blueberries

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Blueberry Balsamic Reduction {3 Dishes with Frozen Wild Blueberries}

My kiddos love blueberries, but we had never tried Frozen Wild Blueberries until we were asked to try them on behalf of Moms Meet. We received product for review and, just like my unfiltered kiddos, all opinions are honest and my own.

Have you ever made a whole meal with blueberries?

I took on the challenge of creating 3 Dishes with Wild Blueberries and each turned out more amazing than I could imagine! I’ll be sharing each of them over the next couple weeks and you can make a delicious meal with blueberries too!

First up, the thing that ties all three recipes together…

Blueberry Balsamic Reduction

This sweet and tangy concoction can be used in so many ways and will have you adding blueberries to every meal!

3 Dishes with wild Blueberries

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A better week for my weight loss, a not so good week for sick little ones

It’s Friday!

Is anyone superstitious?  Don’t check the date! As the only ones with very little kiddos, we’re missing out on a great weekend at the cabin with 13 (bum bum bum…) family members.

We did have a fantastic time up there last weekend.  My eating was horrible.  That place is full of sweets, treats, and amazing meals.  We did, however stay pretty active.

Snowmobiling family


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Sweetheart Nuggets {Recipe, Review, and Giveaway with Harvestland chicken and Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts}

February is here!  Time to go out of our way to show our love for our family and friends.

Out of love for my kiddos, I’ve been trying to put some of my frugal ways aside to ensure that I am feeding them some of the best foods possible.  Products from companies such as Harvestland and Manitoba Harvest help me to feed my family foods that I can feel good about.

I have a fun recipe to share made with Harvestland Chicken Breasts and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and a GIVEAWAY of both, so you can make it yourself!

Sweetheart Nuggets {with Harvestland Chicken and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts}

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Smart Flour Gluten Free Pizza {my introduction to Ancient Grains}

I can’t believe it has been two full months since WOW Summit!  The holidays really make the time go fast!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this picture of our fun chance to taste-test the Smart Flour Foods Pizzas.  They were SO good!!  Gluten-free, ancient grains, and more minerals, vitamins and fiber than others around.  Yes please!

Smart Flour a Foods gluten-free Pizza varieties

Don’t they look delicious!? Does it bother you that I didn’t fix the pepperoni? It bugs my husband!

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Funny name, pretty cool fruit {Monk Fruit in the Raw Review}

There are so many sweeteners out there these days!  The best, of course, are all-natural and it’s really interesting to see what is coming out these days!

Have you heard of Monk Fruit?

Sounds ridiculous so, of course, I was so happy to give it a try for Moms Meet!

Monk Fruit In The Raw Review


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SweetLeaf Sweet Drops {Review and Holiday Flavor Giveaway}

We’re entering the last week of the Holiday Health and Fitness Giveaway Hop! Here is a little addition that is perfect for the holidays!

SweetLeaf Stevia Giveaway

Photo Credit SweetLeaf.com

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Holiday Health and Fitness Giveaway Hop

Hey all!

I’m so excited to have another fabulous giveaway for you today!  And – surprise! – it’s another giveaway hop so you have a bunch of awesome giveaways to enter!  Just hop around the links at the bottom and be sure to check them all out! I promised some awesome giveaways after WOW Summit and with all the loot I took home, I will not disappoint!!

WOW Summit Swag and Prizes 2014

I can’t even tell you guys how much I took away from WOW Summit!  I learned so much about healthy living for my family and some amazing companies who put so much work and passion into creating quality products so I can help give my family the best.  I’m so thankful to Moms Meet and Kiwi Magazine for helping me find these products and testing them out first. Immediately after WOW Summit in Orlando I went to stay for an extended vacation in another part if Florida which is why you haven’t seen much of a recap yet – it’s also why my giveaway is not quite complete yet.  

Keep checking back before the giveaway ends December 15th to reveal more prizes!

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WOW Summit: Sneak Peek {WOW Summit Recap}

WOW Summit 2014 was AMAZING!

It was so much more than I was hoping for and I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to meet the wonderful people of Moms Meet, the inspirational and informative speakers, the fantastic sponsors, and all the other amazing moms!

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you can relate to the overwhelming desire to write about everything, and the inevitable blog absence that comes from not knowing where to start.

I figure I should just jump right in by at least giving you a bit of a teaser until I can wrap my head around it all.

First, there’s the Caribe Royale resort!

Caribe Royale Orlando Florida, WOW Summit 2014

So gorgeous!

There was also a great little kids area with a small pool and playground.

Caribe Royale kiddie pool - WOw Summit 2014

There were so many amazing talks. I left full of information, excited about new-to-me products, and inspired!

WOW Summit 2014 schedule and Suja

Believe me, I have so much to say about it all, there will be WOW Summit Recaps for days. But it’s all completely interesting and amazing stuff! There might even be some freebies for ya!

Speaking of freebies, I left with two of the biggest, heaviest bags ever FULL of stuff!! I love it all! I can’t wait to try it all and share it with you!

WOW Summit 2014 swag bags

I highly recommend WOW Summit for awesome information about raising healthy families, exposure to some of the best brands out there, and inspiration and sisterhood from being with other moms!

The exact location for next year hasn’t been decided. I’m rooting for Minnesota – they didn’t mention it as an option but I’ll try to make a strong case. Otherwise, I better start planning now to afford a flight out because I don’t want to miss it!

Keep checking back and I will start to share some of the things I learned and the brands and people I met!

Thankful for My Followers Giveaway Hop {prizes from Lorna Jane, Manitoba Harvest, Propel, and more!}


I’m participating in a giveaway hop!

I’m a sucker for giveaways!  I’m always thrilled when I find a giveaway hop because I know I’ll get a chance to find all sorts of amazing giveaways and awesome new people to follow with very little effort.  I love hopping through to meet new people, follow them all over social media, and find out about some new to me amazing products and companies.

After I visit all the giveaways I think, “man, I would love to be a part of one of these!”  And now I am!

Thankful for my Followers a Giveaway Hop
Big thanks to Runaway Bridal Planner and MCM Mama Runs for organizing this fun hop!

I’ve put together a fun little prize pack with some great things I’ve picked up from Sweat Pink and IDEA World BlogFest.  Some of the items are things I picked up at the conference, and some are things I bought or got later but fit right in anyway.

Thankful for my followers giveaway hop prizes

Propel was one of the major sponsors of BlogFest and we were lucky enough to rehydrate with our favorite Propel flavors after our fun workouts.  Grape has never been one of my favorite flavors (and my husband may be a little upset I’m giving these away…) so you will get a box of Propel Grape packets.

It was fantastic and completely inspiring to meet Lorna Jane!  I was one of the lucky ones to get a gorgeous green Lorna Jane headband in my swag bag.  It is beautiful, but not a fit on my child-size head.  So, it’s all yours!  I’m also throwing in an adorable pink wristband with a pocket for carrying your keys, Chapstick, or a little cash.  I love it, and I got two just so I could give one to you!

Merrithew was such a great BlogFest sponsor!  We all got a fitness circle and a fun little intro to how to use it.  They had some great stuff and it was so much fun to learn about them!  I have two iPhone cases from Merrithew for you to win!

If you saw my post last week about Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, you’ll be excited about this one!  The hemp hearts aren’t directly from BlogFest, but Manitoba Harvest did have a couple samples in our swag bag and I just did a review through Sweat Pink, so it fits!  They offered to throw in an extra sample of hemp hearts so you can try them too!  You can find my favorite ways to use hemp hearts in my review!

There it is!

Or is it???

This giveaway hop has perfect timing, too.  I was just going to tell you guys about the amazing conference I’m attending this weekend!  And… Since this giveaway runs for two weeks, I may just have more surprised to add into the mix before a winner is chosen!

I’ve had so much fun being a Moms Meet Ambassador and blogger for nearly the past year, and I’ve been introduced to some amazing companies and products, all to help promote green and healthy living for families like mine. That is why I am beyond excited to attend The Moms Meet WOW Summit. I can’t wait to learn more about how to have a healthy happy family, and some great tips and products to help.

Moms Meet WOW Summit 2014

WOW Summit is being held in Orlando – hello Disney freaks! This is perfect for you and me! – at the Carribe Royal resort. My parents and kiddos will be enjoying the amazing pool and water slides while I am getting my learning on.

WOW Summit has some pretty amazing sponsors, there will be a lot of chances to win prizes (inside tip: they are giving away 50 NUK baby food & smoothie makers!), and a swag bag worth over $150. I can say, with quite a bit of confidence, I may be beefing up this giveaway before it ends!

If you don’t want to wait, you can still secure your own spot of the Moms Meet WOW Summit! I’d love to see you there!

Ok, ok, back to the giveaway!

Propel, Lorna Jane, Merrithew, and Manitoba Harvest prize pack

Keep checking back for new items added to the giveaway and enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This giveaway is not endorsed by any of the companies mentioned and I recieved no compensation for this post. I've gathered these items myself and grouped them together to giveaway on Exploring Domesticity. Giveaway is open to US residents only, and the winner will have 48 hours to respond with their mailing address or another winner will be chosen. I do not receive any commission for those of you who register for Moms Meet WOW Summit; however, they have offered some awesome perks to those of us bloggers who chose to attend!

And, remember, this is a giveaway hop! There are so many other great things to win, so visit the other bloggers, and good luck!