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The Three Words You Should Use More – and it’s not what you think…

I know what you’re thinking… I know what those three words are – I Love You, of course.


There are three more words that have made more of an impact on me than even I Love You, and I think we all could benefit from using these three words a little bit more.

The Three Words You Should Use More - and it's not what you think...

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WH Questions… A perfect weight loss or self-reflection exercise

So, I’m a big ol’ quitter… I give myself way too many excuses and reasons not to stick with my commitments.

On Monday I started the D28 For Life program with day one. Now, Friday, I’m finally getting to day two…

What are my excuses? Tuesday I started day 2 and finally gave up claiming I couldn’t do it because I hadn’t made it to the grocery store to get the food right. Wednesday I made it to the store, but couldn’t start because I  had meetings all afternoon and never got food prepped – I also planned to eat at my parents and claimed I would start the next day. Well… Since we didn’t have the meal we had planned for Wednesday, I decided not to start Thursday so I could eat with them.

D28 for life

So crazy, this is a big reason why I fail. I feel like I have to do something “perfectly” or not at all. This D28 For Life thing is a good example… The For Life part is the most important piece. If I could just stick to making small changes each day and using the guide and tools provided, I could make some great changes. instead, I’m so worried about doing it perfectly, I don’t really do it at all.

So, I’m revisiting the Day 1 exercise and figuring this all out…

WH Questions

WH questions for weight loss

My biggest struggle is the “When” question…

I need to find a good time for workouts. Mornings are tough because I stay up late trying to get work done and I have kiddos who still don’t always sleep through the night. Evenings are definitely not the best idea either because there’s a good chance they won’t happen. During naptime worked for me before, but it was definitely hard to use that time along with cleaning up after the kids’ lunch, eating my own lunch, and getting some work done…

I also need to find the time for meal prep. I definitely let myself off the hook when I’m with others and don’t want to be an inconvenience. If I had my meals ready to go it would be much easier.

When do you find time for workouts and/or meal prep?