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No Spend March {Week 2}

Week 2 of my No spend Month has gone great!

No Spend Month - March I’m learning so much about our spending, and it is really challenging me to make due with all that we have. I’ve had some times that were a little hard, I’ve made some amazing decisions, I’ve resisted temptations, and I’ve spent a little bit of money. How much did I spend this week? Continue reading

No Spend March {week 1}

I got a lot of comments on Instagram about how I was going to accomplish a No Spend Month.

No Spend Month - March

Really, this is just an attempt to pay closer attention to my spending and take another look at where we can save as I was doing when I first started this blog – before working from home and running on less time to focus on it.  I’m going to give it my best shot, be conscious of where my money goes, and pay attention to how much we have and what we can do with it.

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