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Protein Pancake Muffins with Lemon Protein Glaze

Protein Pancake Muffins with Lemon Protein Glaze make an easy on-the-go breakfast for busy mornings. Add in any fruit, such as cherries or blueberries. Once you drizzle on the super easy Lemon Protein Glaze and it’s a real morning treat!

Blueberry and Cherry Protein Pancake Muffins with Lemon Protein Glaze

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ABCs of Summer: Summer Activities for Preschoolers {Letter D}

Keep your kiddos busy and engaged this summer with the ABCs of Summer daily activities, snacks, art, and science. Each day focuses on one letter of the alphabet with snacks. art or science, and a physical activity to go along with it.

Be sure to enter below to win a prize from Amazing Grass!

Also, check out the Letter C to enter to win the ‘Let’s Learn to Read’ DVD set for your little ones!

ABCs of Summer - Each day focuses on one letter of the alphabet with snacks. art or science, and a physical activity to go along with it.

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Why Hemp Hearts Should be in YOUR Recipes! {Manitoba Hearts Review}

If you’ve followed me on Instagram or ever come across one of my salad pictures, you may have noticed they always contain the same go-to toppings.  The first is toasted flax seeds and the second is Hemp Hearts.  I just don’t make a salad without them!

Salad Toppings: Manitoba Hemp Hearts

I tried Hemp Hearts on a whim about six months ago.  I had some money to spend at the Kiwi Store online and decided to give Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts a whirl.  Such a great decision!

They are delicious and nutty and I’m having so much fun experimenting with them.  My go-to is salads, but I’ve also made a couple other treats with them.

I love the nutty bit of crunch they added to my Chocolate Caramel Protein Bites.

Chocolate caramel PB bites

I also had too much fun making a snack to satisfy my sweet tooth with dates, a tiny bit of peanut butter, half a banana slice and as many hemp hearts as I could get to stick!  Yum!

Manitoba Hemp Hearts, dates, peanut butter, and banana

Now, my husband has been working 7 days a week lately, which means this Momma has also been working 7 days a week (but, really, what’s the difference…), or you would be seeing all sorts of help heart concoctions!

Wednesday night our meal plan is for a Tomato Basil Soup from Frontier Soups and I can’t wait to add some hemp hearts to that – delicious! Also, I was just kicking myself for not taking the time to try some hemp heart chicken nuggets the other night while I was cooking up more than two chickens!

Luckily, while cruising the Manitoba Harvest website I found that I am not the first genius to come up with these ideas and you can find some great recipes for soups, entrees, and more!

So, besides the facts that they taste great, why should YOU be adding them to your own recipes???

Fast Facts About Hemp Hearts

  • Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of protein per 30 gram serving
  • Hemp Hearts are a complete vegetarian protein
  • Hemp Hearts contain 10 grams of Omegas per 30 gram serving
  • Hemp Hearts are a raw, whole food
  • Hemp Hearts are delicious!

Ok, so I don’t even want to tell you about this one, but

There is a contest going to win a 5lb bag of Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest! If I can get my stuff together – not too likely because tonight is my Little Lady’s 2nd Birthday and we leave for Florida in a couple weeks – I will definitely be trying to win that awesome prize! Just tag your photos of your Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart recipes with #sweatpink @manitobaharvest #hemphearts on Twitter or Instagram by November 30th and you’ll be entered to win!

If you don’t have any hemp hearts to create a recipe, use the code HHSweatPink14 for 20% off anything on manitobaharvest.com until November 30th, 2014.

Have you tried Hemp Hearts?

How would you use them?

Learning to Fuel My Body {Detour Bar Review}

Fueling for a workout and recovery following were always a mystery to me. Ok, they still are, but I’m learning.

I was always nervous to eat a protein bar because I didn’t know if my body needed it, and was usually scared away by the calorie count. I’ve learned a lot on this last year, and what I do know is that protein is good, and not all calories are bad.

I admit, I lost weight a lot more quickly and easily when I was watching my calories carefully and keeping to low-cal food, but I am leaning a lot more and hoping to use my body more efficiently in the long run with the choices I make.

Motivational quote: I may not be at the end of my journey but that leaves more time for learning and growing

I’m working on teaching my little ones to be healthy for life, not just until a few pounds come off. Although, I wouldn’t mind if quite a few more pounds came off in the process!

That is why I’m so interested to lean about different ways of fueling my body efficiently on the go. Hello! Momma of a 1 and (now) 3 year old! What can I stuff in my mouth in the car, while cleaning toys, or dodging little ones!?

Detour SMART bar review and discount code

I was looking forward to participating in the Fitfluential Twitter chat with Detour Bar a couple weeks ago. I always love Fitfluential Chats and I meet some amazing people and learn so much. I won’t lie, I was also hoping to win some Detour SMART bars! There are so many choices out there it is overwhelming, but I love what Detour had to share!

Remember how I said I never knew whether a protein bar was right for me? I mean, in my mind, I’m not working out hard enough, I’m not really lifting any weights… Detour shared a great article about why we need protein which helped me understand. I also loved learning that SMART bars are gluten free, low sugar, include whey protein, and are a good source of fiber (which I remember back from my Weight Watcher days means: filling and keeps you satisfied longer).

Detour SMART bar review and discount code

It was a great chat and I didn’t win… But I basically did, because Detour approached me after the chat and offered to send me some bars to review! How lucky is that?!

They taste fantastic! My hands-down favorite is the apple cinnamon – I could eat those every day! Next up would be the blueberry because there aren’t a lot of blueberry items and it is tasty. Then comes the Cranberry Flax, also good but with that definite bite of cranberries. I’m saving that for Cranberry Festival so I can participate in the cranberry goodness without having mine dried with added sugar. What!?? You don’t have a Cranberry Festival where you live? You’re missing out! It’s a Wisconsin thing, we drive through a town that has a Rutabaga Fest – big events in the are by our cabin! 🙂

Detour SMART bar apple cinnamon

I love these! They taste great, are a fantastic little size for those of us put off by the calorie count in larger bars, and they keep me going.

Bonus: Enter coupon code insta15 for 15%off the Detour Bar site! (Not my code, just something nice offered by Detour Bar) for a limited time, you can also get a free reusable shopping bag with your order, and they’re providing cold shipping for summer! That’s a brand that cares about their customers!

So, have you tried them? Have you heard of them? Which Detour SMART Bar flavor would you like to try?

Also, be sure to head on over and follow Detour Bar on Instagram. Another cool thing? They have a contest going on where you can win 2 boxes by sharing photos of your Detour Bars with hashtag #detourbar! So follow Detour Bar, try some bars, and try to win some!
Follow me on Instagram too and tag me if you post any pics, I’d love to see them!