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Motivating Mom Lucie

…it’s important that the whole family stays active.

I love hearing stories from other moms, especially those who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and raising a healthy family. I’m very inspired by other moms and I love to hear how they stay committed to setting a healthy example for their little ones and raising a healthy family.

Today we’re hearing from Motivating Mom Lucie!

If you’d like to be featured as a Motivating Mom, send a message to Exploring Domesticity on Facebook or email exploringdomesticity(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject, “Motivating Mommas.”

Motivating Mom Lucie - Find that one activity you really love.

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Crazy Ideas Overweight Runners Need to Leave in the Dust

It took a lot to get me to take that first step and begin running while considerably overweight. I learned to love it, but I spent years with crazy ideas about things I should and shouldn’t do as one of the overweight runners out there.

Even as the weight started to come off, I was still hanging onto these overweight runner fears and ideas. Only recently did I identify them and realize how crazy they are.

So, overweight runners unite and let’s get rid of these crazy ideas!

Crazy Ideas Overweight Runners Need to Leave in the Dust

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How Do I Run With a This Huge Phone? {Flipbelt Review}

My husband got me a new phone.

He was convinced, since I spent so much time on it, I needed something larger than my iPhone.

Oh, it’s larger alright…!

Phone too big for running: flipbelt review

My first thought when he told me the surprise?  How am I going to run with that enormous phone???

He looked it up and there is an arm band to fit that thing, but hold it up to your arm and try not to laugh!  I have large arms too (nope, not from muscle either…), I can’t imagine a smaller girl trying to run with that big monstrosity strapped to her little arm!

I ruled the whole arm thing out of the equation, and knew it was time to try a FlipBelt.  I’ve been looking at them for a while now and finally had an excuse to buy one. Luckily the great folks at FlipBelt sent me one free of charge for a review, but I may have to buy one in a second color because I couldn’t decide…

Flipbelt green

I was so excited for it to come!  I kept looking at the website, and then I noticed that there is only one phone that they say doesn’t fit… The Galaxy Note II…  womp, womp…

So, I still decided it’s worth a shot or I will be handing that new phone right back to my husband.

I immediately ripped open that package and shoved that huge phone inside one of the pockets.

It fit!!

It’s a tight squeeze, but it holds it just fine and feels completely secure! I have had a moment or two when I was trying to slide it back in quickly and it got stuck because I wasn’t going in straight, but it’s becoming second nature.

It is so much more convenient to carry the phone down on my waist!  I love being able to slip the phone out to change the song, instead of struggling with the thing on my arm.

Store your stuff while running: flipbelt

I also love to store items in my FlipBelt when I’m not using it.  I used to spend 10-20 minutes looking for my earbuds before a run since my little ones like to play with them.  Now, I put them inside the FlipBelt and they haven’t found them yet!!  I even keep a headband in there in case I need something in the middle of a run!

Running essential: flipbelt

I don’t run with a key, but I love the little pocket with a clip for a key – such a smart idea!

The great thing about it is that the belt doesn’t move while I run. This is especially impressive since I have quite a bit of baby belly flab that likes to make it impossible to keep my pants up, but the belt stays put! I used to have a belt that was like a small fanny pack and I could never keep that thing in place!

Comfortable running belt that doesn't move: flipbelt

I am completely in love with my FlipBelt!

Do you want to win a FlipBelt of your own???

Well, I don’t have one for you… BUT… if there is enough buzz around this review they may give me one to share!

So, this is my plea – share this post on Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest – or a bunch of them!  The folks at Flipbelt have been pretty awesome so far and maybe we can get you guys one.  Because it’s awesome, you’re awesome, and you deserve it!!

Just because I’m nosy… Leave a comment letting me know where you shared and what color Flipbelt you’d get. I couldn’t decide between the green and the aqua.

Share, share, share! Let’s get you one too!!

Vega Sport Fuel Your Better

Hey all!

One of my favorite things about this little blog of mine is that it has given me the opportunity to join some pretty amazing communities. SweatPink is by far one of my favorite communities I’ve found through blogging. The ladies of FitApproach are so sweet and it really sets the tone for all the ambassadors. I can’t wait to meet them and present at BlogFest this summer!

Another great thing about SweatPink are the review opportunities. I was fortunate enough to receive a box of Vega Sport Energy Bars to review and I have loved them!!  There were so many awesome products to pick from as part of the Fuel Your Better campaign, but I chose the Energy Bars because I love a good bar and, with two kiddos two and under, I could definitely use a little sustained energy.

Vega Sport Fuel Your Better

This bar quickly became a staple before a run. Now, I’m not a long-distance runner, but I am a busy Momma and this bar quickly gives me the energy I need to tackle any portion of the day.

The Vega Sport Energy Bar is especially great for the Momma who has just gotten the kiddos up from a nap and wants to rush them into the stroller for a run but realizes that quick lunch a couple hours ago just isn’t going to cut it!

One problem: the kids love them as much as I do! How much do they have to eat before I can justify opening another bar???

Vega Sport Energy Bar kiddos

I tried the Chocolate Coconut Almond bar and it is amazing! Super rich chocolately flavor and delicious!

A couple more things about the bars:

  • 27 g carbs from whole food ingredients
  • High and low glycemic carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy
  • 1 g Omega-3
  • non-GMO
  • gluten free
  • no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners

I’ve taken them everywhere with me! Vega Sport Energy Bars were my go-to for a crazy wedding weekend. I snacked on one before the rehearsal and brought plenty to share in case we had some dragging bridesmaids on the big day.

vega sport energy bar on the go

I also took one with me today to write this post. What better way to get though some library time over lunch?

vega sport energy bar

Better get back to it… Who am I kidding? I had that thing devoured in moments an hour ago!

Check out the #fuelyourbetter hashtag and @VegaTeam and @Vega_team on Twitter and Instagram to see some of the other amazing Fuel Your Better products.