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Ramblings from a stressed-out WAHM while potty training… {My Day Friday Accountability Check In: Week 12}

My day Friday accountability check in week 12

It’s crazy how a week can go by so fast and when you look back so many little things lead to it being a complete disaster without you even knowing…

This was a week where I did a lot of damage without even realizing it. How many of those did I have without paying any attention that lead me to where I am today?

I barely want to write about it… I’m discouraged and disappointed about my lack of success lately…

Let’s just get it over with…

My Day Friday Accountability Check In


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What’s on my mind… Blogging addiction and life

Hey all!

I’ve been MIA for the last week, and it has been great!  I’ve been getting so many things on my never-ending To-Do list, had a wonderful Easter at the cabin, and have been so productive at home.

Planner to-do list

This blog was supposed to help with accountability, but I noticed the time it was taking was actually taking away from the time I could devote to meal planning, workouts, and less stress = less snacking.

It has also been extremely unsettling to let the blog go so long without a post.  It’s funny how it gets in your blood and becomes almost an obsession!  I think about possible posts daily and I feel strange letting a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday go by without writing something.

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