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Weight Loss Community: how support makes all the difference

I’ve lost 50 pounds… twice…

I’m currently back on the side of attempting to do it again a third time. Getting to this point once again, I have struggled to get back into the same mindset and habits I once had. As I’ve struggled, I’ve tried to figure out what it was that helped me be so successful previously.

I’ve finally figured out the common denominator.

The times I’ve been most successful with weight loss and feeling good and healthy is when I have been excited about the new changes and have found support and accountability.

A weight loss community is instrumental to my own personal success.

In my case, I need to lose weight to become healthier and feel comfortable, but this could apply to anyone who is just looking to live healthier, build muscle, eat better, etc. Just replace “weight loss support” with the type of support you need.

Finding a Weight Loss Community

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Better Together: win prizes for supporting others and reaching your goals together

This journey to health, wellness, and weight loss is not easy.

The thing that changes all that is having a great community of support around you to help you succeed. Support, tips, and the occasional “you got this!” Can go a long way to making this journey a little easier.

How about winning some money for reaching your goals and losing weight, and winning some prizes for helping others reach their goals????

Better Together DietBet: win money for reaching your goals and win prizes for helping others reach their own



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