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How to Host a Dietbet

Is making fitness fun and social a philosophy you can get behind, and do you like helping others reach their goals while building a sense of community and your brand?

Hosting a DietBet game is an excellent way to do all of that!

Wait… What the heck is a DietBet? This is a DietBet and this is the Dietbetter Mission. And this is How to Host a Successful DietBet.

How to Host a Dietbet

Get started!

Picking a start time may seem easy, but have you considered a few things…

    • The best day to start a diet

There is a psychological advantage to starting a diet at the beginning of the week, so it stands to reason that most people would like to join a DietBet that begins on a Monday, or even a Sunday. The exception being the beginning of a month since many times that will signal a fresh start as well.

    • How many games are starting at once?

It helps to take a look at when other games are starting. There may be 20 games starting one week and only ten the next. To increase your chances of having a larger game, it would make since to pick the week with less games starting.

    • When does it end?

Another important thing to consider is when your game is ending. These games last four weeks, and the Transformers last 6 months, so it helps to look ahead because your players likely will. I know I am more likely to chose a game that ends just before a holiday rather than just after.

What’s in a name?

The first thing potential game players are going to see is your name.  Fans looking for your game need something they can recognize, so it can help to involve your brand in your name. It’s also important to make sure your name draws people in, but also has mass appeal. For example, if you’re channeling your inner Beyoncé and name your game “all the single ladies” you may miss out on all the men, as well as the ladies with a ring on it.

Dietbetter money on the scale

Bet $35

Let me just say, this is strictly my opinion from a year of participating in DietBet games, so it’s not proven but I have a theory for people looking to gather players for the Dietbetter website… Bet $35.

Why this magic number? I used to try to keep my bets low thinking it would draw people in. Two things: People tend to look at the size of the pot before considering the size of the bet (at least I do). Also, larger bets add up quicker and games, for the most part, are listed in order of the size of the overall pot. A larger pot means less games for potential players to sift through before finding you. From my completely informal research, $35 seems to be that magic higher number that people are still comfortable with betting.

Add incentives

I notice this a lot in larger games. The big names, such as Jillian Michaels, offer incentives for inviting friends to join. So, if you have something to offer (product you sell, ebook, etc), offer to give something away to motivate your players to help promote your game.

It may also be a great idea to offer a giveaway of an entry into your game. Create a little buzz by giving potential players the chance to join for free. The hardest part, coming from someone who watched for months before committing to spending the money, is jumping in and setting up that account.

Dietbetter support

Share tips and inspiration to keep your group motivated

Players want to join your bet because you have something to offer. Whether you are a fit foodie, have an arsenal of awesome workouts, or are a great motivator, there is a reason people joined your bet. Use your strengths to keep players engaged and promote the building of an awesome supportive community. It’s also a win for you since you have the ability to drive players to your site and engage players who may not be familiar with your brand.

Keep it going!

Now that you’ve created an amazing group interested in helping each other reach their goals, why stop now? Dietbetter makes it so easy to roll into a new game and invite all your former players. So, if you did your job and made it a fantastic experience, they’ll follow you into the next game and your following can grow.

Join the Coaches Club

Once you start hosting a number of games, you may be elligible for the Coaches Club. This is great because you can start to share revenue from Dietbetter’s portion of the pot. Woohoo! Grow your brand, help people lose weight, and get paid!?! Win, win, win!


So, are you wondering what I get out of sharing all this info about Dietbetter???

I receive nothing for sharing my experiences with you. I’ve been passionate about Dietbetter since I started joining games a year ago and have mentioned it quite a few times on the blog with no compensations. For a little background on my Dietbetter experience search the “Dietbet” on this site or check out my contributing post over at VMG206 – Social Dieting.

I have been sharing my love of Dietbetter for free and I’ll continue to do so.  Now, however, my passion has secured me a job with Dietbetter and I can share my experiences with other influencer and help them grow their brand and help their fans reach their health and fitness goals.

So, while I receive nothing from sharing my posts with you, I’d be thrilled to talk to anyone who would like help hosting a game and maybe we can end up working together!

Have you participated in a DietBet?

Would you consider hosting a game?

Any other tips you would add to the list?

Spring Goals: wedding weight loss, detox, and dietbet


Last day to enter the Cocogo Giveaway! Hop on over and enter!


41 Days

That’s how much time I have between now and appearing in a strapless bridesmaid dress in a friend’s wedding.


I had really hoped to be further along by now.  I believe my goal In January was 40lbs by this point.  I think I’m only at ten…  womp, womp

The good new is that I was really successful during our Lose Your Booty dietbet.  I lost my 8lbs and won some money to too it off.  Can you believe I made nearly $70 is one of my games???  That is definitely a record!  I won about $10 in each of my other games This time around.

Speaking of DietBet games…

I started another game – Spring Into Action.  The game runs the month of April.  Tuesday is the official weigh-in day, but weigh-in can start today or go a week or two into the game.

The best part about the Spring Into Action game…

I will be trying to motivate myself, so I will be sharing that motivation with others in the game.  I plan to post daily tips with motivational quotes, workouts, recipes, etc.  I really hope this helps others lose the weight and stay motivated!

If you’d like to join us, go to the Spring Into Action game, privately weigh-in and upload your pics to a DietBet referee, and let me help motivate you to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. If when we successfully lose the weight we split he pot! You can’t lose your money as long as you lose the weight!

Spring into action dietbet

The New Goal

I won’t be hitting my goal of 49lbs down by May 10th. I have been of the slow and steady wins the race mentality, which I think is fantastic for life changes, but I need to put the hammer down a little bit until that wedding day.

I don’t think I’ll be derailing any of my efforts if I try some quick fixes.

The first thing I’m going to try is a detox water recipe I found on Pinterest. I’m not doing a complete detox, just adding the water to my routine. I found this particular recipe a few differnt places, but this blog post gives a great list of all the benefits of each ingredient. The recipe calls for lemon, cucumber, and mint. I have also seen it with the addition of ginger and I haven’t decided if that is something I’m going to add or not.

My favorite store in the whole world – Aldi (maybe I’ll share my awesome haul full of veggies, fruit, and a ham for only $60) – didn’t have fresh mint. I did visit another store, but maybe I could have just used a Starlight mint… No?

I’ll see how it goes this week and keep you updated! I may try something else the following week, we’ll see how it all works out.

I lost 15lbs on my first DietBet, so if I can replicate that success I’ll feel really great for the wedding. Luckily, I don’t have the added pressure of fitting into my dress. The darn thing came about two sizes too big. I may try to see if I can fit into a smaller size than I tried on in the store. The bride’s sister-in-law left her brother, so there is an extra size 8 – now there’s a story, huh???

That will be my goal! It would be amazing!

Do you have any particular Spring Goals?
How much do you want to join Spring Into Action and be motivated, lose weight, and win money???
Have you tried a detox drink before, or this one in particular?