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Weight Loss for Moms: It’s Hard… and what I’m doing about it

Weight loss is hard. Throw in being a stay-at-home-mom without the benefit of having time go to the gym whenever you want, the income to afford the membership, or the ability to meet up with girlfriends and having a fun time at a class, and it can be a very hard and lonely battle. Weight loss for moms can be very hard.

I’ve lost a significant amount of weight before and the common denominator was always comunity support which helped make it fun. I talked about support for weight loss not too long ago. In anything you do, for me I’m specifically focused on weight loss and healthy living, community is key.

weight loss for moms - accountability and support is key

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Weight Loss Community: how support makes all the difference

I’ve lost 50 pounds… twice…

I’m currently back on the side of attempting to do it again a third time. Getting to this point once again, I have struggled to get back into the same mindset and habits I once had. As I’ve struggled, I’ve tried to figure out what it was that helped me be so successful previously.

I’ve finally figured out the common denominator.

The times I’ve been most successful with weight loss and feeling good and healthy is when I have been excited about the new changes and have found support and accountability.

A weight loss community is instrumental to my own personal success.

In my case, I need to lose weight to become healthier and feel comfortable, but this could apply to anyone who is just looking to live healthier, build muscle, eat better, etc. Just replace “weight loss support” with the type of support you need.

Finding a Weight Loss Community

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The ONLY Way to Wake Up Early To Workout

After many failed attempts, I can tell you there are many ways to guarantee you won’t wake up early to workout, but there is only one proven way to make sure you do wake up early to workout and turn it into a habit.

The ONLY Way to Wake Up Early To Workout

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#BeFitForLife Week 1: BeFiT Nutrition Products Giveaway

Week One is done! I am LOVING the BeFiT 30 Day Challenge videos! They are short, but leave me sweaty and out of breath and feeling it the next day. I’m enjoying the BeFiT chocolate protein powder, Burn supplements, and pre-workout as well. Enter to win some below and you can try them out too!

BeFit Nutrition Products Giveaway

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Ideas for Staying Active With Kids When You’re Stuck Inside

I love winter, don’t get me wrong, but there are plenty of stir-crazy days stuck inside with the kids. Days like that call for creative ideas to keep those crazy kids active and help release some energy.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to staying active with the kids while stuck indoors. Some are impulsive and easy, some take some planning, and some are store-bought games with an active element.

Ideas for Staying Active With Kids When You're Stuck Inside

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Sunday Shortcuts: How to find healthy food at the Mall of America

I’m starting a new series!

We each have the little things we do each day to make our lives just a bit easier. Most, we take for granted and just do, but I’m going to share a small thing -or shortcuts I take to make things easier – each Sunday!

Sunday Shortcuts: tips and tricks to make my life easier, and maybe your life too

I’m starting out with this tip because we were at the Mall of America yesterday and, due to a lack of groceries, I didn’t have much on hand for portable, healthy snacks.

I would imagine this tip isn’t exclusive to the Mall of America. You just have to think outside the box when you are out and about and could use some healthy snack options.

So, without further ado, here is the first Sunday Shortcut:

How to find healthy food at the Mall of America (and anywhere)

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My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: Week 1

I’m writing this before weighing in because I’m pretty sure this is off to a bad start and we may be seeing a gain…

I’m still struggling… Nothing seems to be enough to keep me from poor eating choices…

Each time I make a mistake leads to a downward spiral that ruins my whole day or week. I keep thinking of those memes – if you dropped your phone, you wouldn’t smash it until it breaks, or something like that…

I’ve definitely been smashing my good days at some point or another more often than not.

So, let’s see how this week went…

My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: Week 1

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My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: the beginning

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’ve gotten away from utilizing this blog as an accountability tool. I implemented My Day Friday and tried to a tick to it, but it didn’t help a ton.

I’m going to get serious about this and make my goals public with weekly accountability check-ins.

I don’t like to post pictures of myself or get too personal which is why I never told anyone about my blog before, but now that some people know about my blog it makes this even harder.

I’m going to go for it. Hopefully this will help me stay on track!

My Day Friday Accountability Check-in: the beginning

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41 Ways to Be a Child at Heart and Stay Fit

My number one motivation for living a healthy lifestyle is my kids and being a fun mom.

The other day, when I was telling the kids I couldn’t play with them until after my workout, I realized things were a bit backwards. Making healthy changes shouldn’t get in the way of my number one goal.

I can’t think of a more fun way to stay fit than to play like a kid!

For all you Fun Moms, here is a list of ways you can play with the kids and achieve your healthy living goals!

41 Ways to be a Child at Heart and Stay Fit

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My Day Friday: Voting for the IDEA World BlogFest Lightning Round is open!

I found myself writing too much for others and letting my own journey suffer.  For the last couple month Friday has been My Day, and I share more personal posts.

This week:

  • I’m sad to see my Kohls gift end, but so proud of what I accomplished
  • I’m in a good place with my motivation, planning, and excited to take charge of my journey myself
  • The voting opened for the IDEA World BlogFest Lightning Round, and I am so honored to be in the running again this year!

Blogfest lightning round

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