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10 Minute “Me Time” Ideas for Busy Moms

As moms we take care of everyone else and forget all about ourselves. We don’t do it on purpose, or even really believe we don’t deserve it, we just completely forget about ourselves while taking care of others.

Even if it’s quick, that “me-time” is so important. When we take care of ourselves we can better take care of others. So, in honor of all the other mother forgetting to take that time for themselves, I’ve come up with a list of things that can be completed at home and in ten minutes. Just a quick ten minutes to yourself will help you recharge, refuel, and de-stress to continue to make it through the day of taking care of others with your sanity intact.

10 Minute "Me Time" Ideas for Busy Moms

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My kind of Yoga! {Tara Stiles: the Bob Ross of yoga}

IDEA World Fitness BlogFest was nearly a month ago and I’m still reeling from all that I took away from the experience and I’m breaking out handstands like a maniac.

The later I attribute to the amazing yoga session with Tara Stiles.

When I heard we had yoga with Tara, I was excited because I recognized her name and I knew others were excited.

I’m not much of a yogi. I took a few classes with my mom, aunt, and cousin and we were the the ones giggling in the back of the class.

Giggling was not really ok in that class.

Such a turn off for a group of women who want to get together, relax, and enjoy themselves!

I always felt nervous in that class. I would give the hold a try but, honestly, I wanted to be able to giggle if I wasn’t having much luck because, darn it, it’s funny!

That is why I loved the session with Tara so much! She laughed through the whole thing and was a total goofball at times which made me really comfortable and way more relaxed that I ever was in another yoga class!

IDEA World Firness BlogFest yoga with Tara Stiles

She constantly said things like, “just do what feels good,” “maybe you’re feet come off the ground and you go upside down,” and “no big deal.”


I totally felt the exact same level of comfort and meditation that I got from Watching Bob Ross paint.

Remember that guy??? Loved him!

Happy trees with Tara Stiles and Bob Ross

She nearly made the exact same reference to “happy trees” and I felt like I would hear her say, “it’s your world, whatever you want…”

THAT is what life should be.

It is your life. Do what feels good and be yourself.

It's your life, do what feels good

No pressure.

I love it! Thank you Tara for my best yoga experience ever!

Do you feel uncomfortable in traditional yoga classes?

Would you feel more comfortable id you were free to giggle all the way through, do what feels right, and bust out some awesome handstands and high fives?