$2 DIY Holiday / Christmas Flower Boxes

Combine a little nature with some reindeer from the dollar store, and take-out utensils, and you have some gorgeous and classy Christmas Flower Boxes.

Metallic paint and sparkle make this project perfect for any holiday decor theme.

DIY $2 Christmas Flower Boxes

There are so many ways to decorate your outdoor space for the holidays.

This year, we have some new planter boxes in the windows. I don’t have much of a green thumb, so the flowers looked a little sickly off and on during the summer. I couldn’t help but think ahead to when those flowers were out of there, and I’ve had all sorts of ideas for Christmas decorations.

DIY $2 Holiday Flower Boxes

This couldn’t be easier!

If I hadn’t run out of spray paint before I was finished, it would have cost only $2. However, after a quick trip to Menards, I have plenty of metallic spray paint that I can use for other projects.

Scavenge the yard to plenty of sticks. I filled a 5 gallon bucket twice before I had enough to make it look nice and full, and I still think it could use more.

Lay the sticks out and spray them with a mixture of silver and gold spray paint. You don’t have to get them perfect, it just gives them a bit of a shine.

Metallic sticks for DIY $2 Holiday Flower Boxes

Lay the sticks into the flower box and use smaller pieces to make it look nice and full. Give it whatever look you prefer. It can be a little wild with sticks branching out everywhere. The sticks can frame the window and go up the sides a bit. Or, you can keep it nice and low and full.

The whole inspiration for the project came from finding these glittered, cardboard reindeer from the Dollar Tree. They had a couple different colors, but the silver and gold glitter really sparkles! It called to me!

Make a Dollar Tree glitter reindeer stand with chopsticks for DIY $2 Holiday Flower Boxes

To make the reindeer stand in the planter, I used a set of take-out chopsticks and hot glued them to the back of the reindeer. Since they are a lot lighter than the sticks, I sprayed them with some of the metallic spray paint.

$2 Christmas Flower Boxes with Dollar Tree Reindeer

Just stick the chopsticks down into the dirt and the whole project is done!

It really was simple and so quick. I love how it turned out!

The finishing touch, to make these Christmas Flower Boxes, will be when I attach some small red bows, also found at the Dollar Tree, with a thumbtack in the middle of the red stripe.

$2 Christmas Flower Boxes with Dollar Tree Reindeer

What I love about this is that is perfect for the holidays, no matter what you celebrate. I was calling these Christmas Flower Boxes, but they aren’t overtly “Christmas.” I even put it up in early November because it doesn’t scream “Christmas!”

It’s just an adorable, sparkly deer hopping through the metallic brush.

As I mentioned, the little red bows will come later, along with the obnoxious candy cane stripe large bows that I haven’t found a place for.

Here’s to keeping it classy for a few more day!


How are you decorating for the holidays this year? Seriously, it’s my favorite time of the year, share with me!

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2 thoughts on “$2 DIY Holiday / Christmas Flower Boxes

    1. Kristin, Exploring Domesticity Post author

      haha! Yes, flower boxes first is a good idea! We just put our’s up this summer and they were pretty simple, but make such a difference. I love them! I was also thinking of doing this is a couple urns on either side of the door – get some longer sticks so that they can stand straight up, and then I have the same reindeer in red. I haven’t found the right urns yet, though.

      Thanks so much, Bree!


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