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Charting for Accountability {#thestruggleisreal}

I see the hashtag #thestruggleisreal all the time and that is definitely how I feel right now about my weight loss efforts.

I. Am. Struggling.

The easy excuse is that life has been so busy lately. We no longer have our wonderful nanny that made our lives easier all summer long. I’m trying to make up for how much slacking I did on the blog this summer, and I’m still having trouble saying no to the awesome review opportunities that come my way. My amazing job with DietBetter can be really hard to find time for without a large blog of time to get into a grove without the start and stop of fielding children. My kiddos deserve any extra attention I can give them during the day. Last, especially after BlogFest, I am dying to get some time in on up and coming projects that seem to fall to the bottom of the list!


Whew! Now that that’s over…

I can still do this!

I’m a very visual person. I have a million to-do lists, dry erase boards on the back of cabinets for meal plans and reminder, more than one planner, and multiple notebooks to hot things down.

Especially now with how much I have on my plate, I need some reminders so that the time doesn’t go by with me completely missing some important things.

Charting weight loss and fitness goals

When I found this “Class Chart” at the dollar store, I knew I had my temporary solution! I know have a “Kick Ass Chart” to help keep me on track. I placed everything in the order of my day and when I’d like to remember certain things. I also placed things in there to remind myself how easy it can be to fit something in.

No, I don’t plan to do five workouts a day, but I do want a reminder that I can fit in a naptime workout or run if I didn’t do a morning workout, or a quick 10-15 minutes before my shower if I still hadn’t had time for anything. I also need those many water reminders because, when I’m busy, I realize far too much time goes by between water breaks!

I’m getting there. It’s doing the trick so far and I love checking things off!

What do you do to keep yourself accountable? Are you a list and chart person?

You’ve Been Sprung! {A Springtime Pay It Forward}

I am so excited about this!!

You've Been Sprung: a springtime pay it forward

Every season that has gone by I have wanted to do a little neighborhood pay it forward game, and now is my chance! I love the idea of spreading some cheer around, and I’m using my surprise as a way to encourage people to get out, get active, and eat some fresh foods this spring.

The fact that it is May Day, makes it the perfect time to start this springtime fun!

you've been sprung: a springtime pay it forward

Download and print the “You’ve Been Sprung” note here

You’ve Been Sprung! {A Springtime Pay It Forward}

If You’ve Been Sprung or received one of these fun surprises, or if you want to start a Springtime Pay It Forward in your neighborhood, here is the lowdown:

  • Download and Print the note from the link below the picture
  • It’s up to you how many neighbors you want to “Spring.” I’m starting this in my neighborhood with 3, but I love to keep it open so it doesn’t feel like a yucky chain letter with a lot of effort required. Paying it forward to one person still makes for a pretty happy day!
  • Gather some kind of surprise (ie. bubbles, a nice snack, flower seeds, cute springtime Easter goodies are on sale now…)
  • Leave the gift, along with the note, on their doorstep, ring the bell, and disappear!

That’s it!  What a fun way to brighten someone’s day!!

Take a Peek in my Baskets!

You've been sprung basket

I love the idea of promoting health and wellness after a loooong winter, so my basket is filled with goodies to encourage activity outside and healthy snacking on fresh foods. I have Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots, which are the perfect fresh, outdoor snack; bubbles from the Dollar Tree which come in packs of three, and flower packets so they can get outside and plant some cheery flowers.  Since Easter just passed, baskets are pretty easy to come by and I got these for under a dollar each at Aldi.

Other Springtime Healthy Surprises

  • Sunglasses
  • Drink mixes to promote hydration (Cocogo anyone? yum!)
  • Pots, seeds, flowers or veggies for planting outside
  • A State or National Park pass
  • Frisbee, balls, or lawn games
  • A water bottle, or flavored waters
  • Flip Flops
  • Citronella candle to keep the pesks away
  • Firewood and S’mores makings
  • Small, inexpensive grill kit
  • Pedometer
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Sun Hats

The possibilities are endless!!!  

Share your ideas in the comments below to spark some creativity in anyone who Has Been Sprung!!