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The Day My Wellness Wish Was Granted!

What is your Wellness Wish?

If you could wish for anything to help you on your health and wellness journey or help you keep up your healthy habits, what would it be?

...and how ecstatic, blessed, touched, etc. would you be if someone granted that wish?

I got the opportunity to find out, and it has been amazing!

The day my wellness wish was granted

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Accomplishments of 2014 and Goals of 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy new year

I rang the new year in the same way I have for the past 4 years… In bed, watching the ball drop. I’ve been pregnant or home with little ones and my husband is the one to go out with buddies, but that works just fine for me right now.

I had some time to look over my goals from the last year and make some new ones.  Even though I was at about 50% for the year, I love making goals and getting excited about everything I plan to do with my fresh start.

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