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Weight Loss for Moms: It’s Hard… and what I’m doing about it

Weight loss is hard. Throw in being a stay-at-home-mom without the benefit of having time go to the gym whenever you want, the income to afford the membership, or the ability to meet up with girlfriends and having a fun time at a class, and it can be a very hard and lonely battle. Weight loss for moms can be very hard.

I’ve lost a significant amount of weight before and the common denominator was always comunity support which helped make it fun. I talked about support for weight loss not too long ago. In anything you do, for me I’m specifically focused on weight loss and healthy living, community is key.

weight loss for moms - accountability and support is key

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Weight Loss Community: how support makes all the difference

I’ve lost 50 pounds… twice…

I’m currently back on the side of attempting to do it again a third time. Getting to this point once again, I have struggled to get back into the same mindset and habits I once had. As I’ve struggled, I’ve tried to figure out what it was that helped me be so successful previously.

I’ve finally figured out the common denominator.

The times I’ve been most successful with weight loss and feeling good and healthy is when I have been excited about the new changes and have found support and accountability.

A weight loss community is instrumental to my own personal success.

In my case, I need to lose weight to become healthier and feel comfortable, but this could apply to anyone who is just looking to live healthier, build muscle, eat better, etc. Just replace “weight loss support” with the type of support you need.

Finding a Weight Loss Community

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My Day Friday Accountability Check-In: Week 8

I’m not letting this one slip!

Summer has me skipping posts, but I’m checking in because I had a bad week and I’m turning it around.

Accountability Check-in Week 8

I made my DietBet weigh out last week, but I was at the cabin which is always a struggle. I decided to stick to a strict eating plan, hoping it would help. Of course, I’m sure many of you can relate to what happens after it’s over. I went nuts and really struggled to get back on track!

I started some new DietBets for the accountability and support and weighed-in at nearly the same spot I started last time… 🙁 I think that brought my total to only about two pounds lost since the beginning of last month…

All that aside, I’ve been having a great week now!

I’m on week 5 of C25K and it’s feeling really good! I actually got in a mile run to the playground, a mile run back from the playground, and did my C25K stroller-free in the evening. Today, I cut the grass for my workout.

I technically logged into MFP over 60 days in a row, but often I wasn’t tracking the evenings when I most needed it. I’m tracking as much as possible and my goal this week is to track all dinners.

I feel like I’m in a much better place right now. Things get really busy and I let things slide, but I’m human and I’m doing my best to balance.

Should we see how I did?

Accountability Check-in Week 8

Going in the right direction soon, I’m sure.

I could really use more support and accountability. Any of you have link-ups appropriate for posts like this? I could use some ideas?

Have a great weekend!