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7 Hands-On Experiences to Help Kids Care About the Environment

The best way to help kids care about the environment is to let them experience what it is they are trying to save. Here are 7 Easy Hands-On Experiences to Help Kids Care About the Environment.

If we want future generations to be passionate about taking care of the planet they live on, they need first-hand experiences. Everything from learning about animals to planting a garden.

There are some very easy things we can do to help our children get up close and personal with the planet they live on. This creates teachable moments that will stick for, hopefully, years and generations to come.

7 Hands On Experiences to Help Kids Care About the Environment and Conservation

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Stonyfield AZA Sponsorship: delicious and saving endangered species

Stonyfield has long been focused on conservation and sustainability. This year, they are supporting the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and sponsoring the AZA SAFE program (Saving Animals From Extinction). The Stonyfield AZA sponsorship is focused on getting young children excited about saving endangered species by giving away free admission to AZA-accredited zoo or aquariums!

Stonyfield AZA Partnership: Saving endangered specials and helping foster a commitment to saving animals for young children. Free admission to the zoo or aquarium!

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