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The easiest online store setup when you have no clue what you’re doing. We have a store!

This is a major win for me! I added a store to the site so I could sell my parent’s bows!!! After all the research and confusion, I found the easiest online store setup!

I couldn’t be happier! Now I can spread the word about a great small business and product, and it was WAY easier than I thought! Let me tell you about how, even without knowing what I was doing!

Being frugal and not at all tech-saavy, I felt in over my head until I found Shopify. I started a 14 day free-trial, set it up the same day, and when the trial is over I can keep it going for under $10. Shopify was the easiest online store setup I found!

Easiest Online Store Setup when you have no clue what you're doing

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Christmas Must-Haves: traditions, decorations, and wrapping

Everyone has their own Christmas must-haves. The things that make the time of year special, the create warm memories, and that they look forward to each year.

This is a few of our Christmas must-haves this year. Some are old with great memories behind them, and some are new that are quickly becoming a cherished tradition.

Christmas Must-Haves: tradition, decorations, wrapping

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