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SweetLeaf Sweet Drops {Review and Holiday Flavor Giveaway}

We’re entering the last week of the Holiday Health and Fitness Giveaway Hop! Here is a little addition that is perfect for the holidays!

SweetLeaf Stevia Giveaway

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Lorna Jane Spring Clean Pinterest Challenge {Nourish} #SweatPink

I’m on the ball this week! We just finished Nourish Week of the Lorna Jane Spring Clean Challenge and I love the things I have been finding for my board!

Lorna Jane Spring clean Pinterest challenge

I have so many amazing recipes pinned, some great info about certain healthy foods, and ideas for more ways to look at the word “nourish” such as nourishing spirit and others.

Lorna Jane Spring Clean Challenge – Nourish Week

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Why We Love Lemon Water

I’ve never been a big lemon water fan, but I had to give it a sporting chance after hearing about all the benefits.

I am converted!! I can’t say I prefer it to my simple ice-cold water, but I think it has made a major difference in my weight loss lately. I’ve been drinking lemon water off and on for the past two weeks and I wouldn’t say any of my other habits have been all that different, but I have lost 10lbs! The combo of the lemons, the glass with a straw, my kiddos leaving my water alone, and me drinking a bit faster because it’s not my fave has lead to a major increase in my water. I’m a changed woman! Even now I have that glass of lemon water beside me.

Clean Eating Shopping List

I loved reading this Clean Eating Shopping List. I also loved that I had crossed off 13 of the items in my last two shopping trips. That first picture, plus a few other items, only cost me $60 at Aldi!! Love that place – we got so much food for such a great price – who says healthy eating needs to cost more!?

The Benefits of Chia Seeds

I’ve been reading about the benefits of chia seeds for a while, and I finally picked up a bag a little while ago. This Lorna Jane article has me pumped to use them!

Nourish Your Relationships

I love how many article you can find on the Lorna Jane website that go a bit deeper with the “nourish” concept. It’s much more about nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

I also love the idea of nourishing relationships. This is something I sadly neglect to do when I am so consumed with the day to day with two young kiddos. I decided to nourish a great relationship with a long-distance friend by sending her something special to celebrate her new job closer to home and support her as she prepares to leave her current position.

I’ve had such a great time with this challenge and I can’t wait to jump into Believe Week – I’ve already found something amazing so the board is already started.

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