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My Wellness Wish Video!!!

The time has come!

When Kohls granted my Wellness Wish, they also came to film our family for a couple days and…

the video is finished!!!

Kohls Wellness Wish Video It’s so surreal to see your story in such a beautiful video, and wonder if anyone will find it interesting because it’s just your everyday life.

I know I will cherish it forever.

It’s a beautiful snapshot of a moment of my life that I know I will always look back on fondly – the sweet time when I was staying home with my babies, dreaming big things, and realizing wishes can come true and anything is possible.

Thank you so much to everyone at Kohls who helped grant my wish, giving this busy momma some moments to focus on herself and dream even bigger, and for the greatest gift of all – giving me the support to become the healthy and fun woman I want my children to remember and emulate! They will be forever changed because they will know that dreams do come true and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

What do you think!?!

What would your Wellness Wish be?

The Day My Wellness Wish Was Granted!

What is your Wellness Wish?

If you could wish for anything to help you on your health and wellness journey or help you keep up your healthy habits, what would it be?

...and how ecstatic, blessed, touched, etc. would you be if someone granted that wish?

I got the opportunity to find out, and it has been amazing!

The day my wellness wish was granted

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Taking Care of YOU {5 ways to show some self-love after the holidays}

Whew! The holidays are over and the New Year is beginning!

Does anyone else feel like they just ran a marathon?

I feel like we’ve been running a race since Halloween! We left for Florida the first week of November, I attending a conference in Orlando, we spent a couple weeks helping out my grandparents with a remodel in another part of Florida, returned home on Thanksgiving Day, started the whirlwind of Christmas prep and shopping, had Kohls grant my wellness wish (details coming this week, I promise!) and film the family, hosted Christmas with my husband’s family, and completed all the Christmas festivities with my family and ended with a weekend at the cabin.

Wow! Now wonder!

I do have to give myself a bit of a pat on the back, though. After the craziness of November and the first week or two of December, I did finally remember to take care of myself around Christmas and this past weekend. Here are some things that helped me survive and some that I would like to continue to remember in the New Year.

Taking Care of YOU: 5 ways to show some self-love

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