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Fancy Mini Shrimp Frittatas {breakfast to impress, but SO easy!}

I’m a complete fan of shrimp for breakfast!

I mean, why not? It’s delicious and there isn’t a much better combination than shrimp, garlic, and eggs. So, when I was trying to figure out what to make for breakfast on Christmas morning I had a eureka moment.  I’d combine my egg muffins with my garlicky shrimp and eggs and we would have easy Fancy Mini Shrimp Frittatas.

It was a huge hit!

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Egg Breakfast Muffins

I’m on a frozen convenience breakfast roll lately.  Here’s another one of my favorites.  These Egg Breakfast Muffins are so easy and can include basically anything you like.  I happened to have a lot of things around to put in these this time, but I’ve made them with fewer ingredients.

First step is to spray the muffin tin and preheat the oven to 375.

I love adding a piece of bread to the bottom of the muffin. It adds almost a French toast taste to the bottom because it soaks in some of the egg. I save the ends of my bread to use for this and place a quarter of the slice into the muffin tins.

This time around I decided to pour a bit of the egg substitute into the cups before adding the other ingredients. If this is what you choose to do, do so slowly or the egg will fill under the bread and it will rise up. To make sure this doesn’t happen, try to press your bread in the cup tightly, quickly toast the bread, or place the other ingredients on the bread before adding the egg. Now is also a good time to season your eggs.

Add your fillers. I happened to have some sausage patties and ham cut from a prior breakfast of omelets. I also added some bacon pieces.

Here come the famous onions. I love them in eggs, and they are so handy because they’re already cut and frozen in a Parmesan cheese container.

Last is the cheese. I like the cheese to melt at the top, but adding it before the last of the egg didn’t quite work out. To give the muffin a better look, add a bit more egg and save the cheese for the very last.

Cook for about 20 minutes, or until it appears the egg has set. I’ve never had any stick to the pan and they should come out beautifully.

Gorgeous! Let them cool and freeze for a quick delicious breakfast.

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