My Disney Bucket List

Hey All!

Today, I’m sharing some of my Disney Dreams!  I’ve created a Bucket List of all things Disney.  I have a feeling this is only the start, so don’t be surprised if a “part II” turns up after our vacation!

Disney Bucket List (Part I???)

1.  Stay at the Grand Floridian Resort. I almost made this one happen when I realized we could get a room there, with David’s Vacation Club Rentals, for about what we’re paying for the Art of Animation suite, but it was all one room so space won out.

2.  Become a member of the Disney Vacation Club and make Disney a family tradition

3.  Watch Fantasmic (can you believe I haven’t seen it????)


4.  Run Disney – Disney Princess Half Marathon! Or Expedition Everest Challenge!

5.  Really do it up – a full week or more at the resort, park hoppers, meal plan, etc…

6.  La Nuba. Another thing I should have done while I lived there, and I think we even had a chance to go for free… What was I thinking!


7.  Safari at Animal Kingdom. Seriously! What did I do when I lived there for 4 months!?! Oh yeah, they worked us to the bone! So fun!


8.  Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party. I worked this one but I would love to go as a guest – especially with the kids! You couldn’t ask for a better place to trick-or-treat!


9.  Richard Petty Driving experience. Has anyone done this? Someday when I hit the millions, I want to treat my dad to this one.


10.  See the Cinderella Castle Suite.  It’s even too much for my bucket list to say I’d like to stay in the suite.  I’ll be realistic and say I’d just like to “see” it – but wouldn’t staying there be a dream!?!


11.  Be proposed to with a glass slipper outside Cinderella’s castle.  Ok, I’m already married, but I’m pretty sure Hubby got the memo that this was the way it was supposed to happen… Maybe he can do a redo. 🙂  Have you seen some of the weddings they do!  Magic!!

12.  Stay in the Pirate room at Caribbean Beach Resort.

13.  Find a way to bottle the smells from Philharmagic. Have you smelled this attraction??? Amazing! The shop outside needs to carry a candle that will take you through the smells of the Beaty and the beast Scene and the magic carpet ride! Omg! Heaven to my nose. **Disney, if you’re reading, this idea is GOLD and I want my royalties**

14.  See the candy making lady in Eocot Japan again.  She was the best!  Anyone know if she’s still there – she was in 2004…

15.  Ride in the front of the monorail.  I hear they have a little co-pilot pin the kiddos can get! “Please stand clear of the doors.  Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas.”


16.  Get my Little Lady’s first haircut at the barber shop on Main Street. I think they give a little souvenir for first haircuts.

17.  Eat at Ohanas. I’ve heard it’s pretty amazing.

18.  See the Osbourne Family lights at Disney Hollywood Studios – are they even called that anymore?


19.  Chef’s table at Victoria and Albert’s.  How cool is that?  I’m pretty sure you get a personalized menu too, but I’m also pretty positive I’ll never be able to afford it.


20.  Beers around the World at Epcot World Showcase. This is something I should have done when I worked there, but I turned 21 a month before I left. I don’t know if I was ready for it then, and maybe not even now since I haven’t drank much since the little ones, but give me a few more years…

21.  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  I’m hoping to fit this into our short trip this December.  We will be in Disney December 1-4.  The Christmas party is Sunday and Tuesday night and we will be spending a full day at the Magic Kingdom on Monday – I’m torn between going Sunday and knowing what rides will be closed that we should hit on Tuesday or going on Wednesday night so they get their first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom Monday morning and seeing it the second time all dressed up for the party.


22.  Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage.  So cool!  The tour starts with a visit from Captain Hook and Smee, then there are snacks and beverages, games and prizes, and then great views of the fireworks.  There is also a special guest at the end.  Very neat!


23.  Get the little Guy to join the Pirate League.  He’s not old enough yet, but it seems like fun!  Maybe this is where to start before forking out the money for the pirate cruise.

24.  Get the Little Lady done up at the Bibbidy Boutique.   Although, knowing her, she might be just as interested in the Pirate League.

25.  Get the kiddos silhouettes done each year – so far so good, we did one last year. I have a bunch from when I was younger and we started this tradition with my kiddos last year. I would recommend doing this at Downtown Disney, so you don’t Jane to spend valuable Magic Kingdom time searching out the silhouette cart and waiting.

26.  Go to Jelly Rolls on the boardwalk. I am a complete sucker for a piano bar. I’ve embarrassed myself at quite a few Shout Houses and Howl at the Moons all across the USA, but I never made it to Jelly Rolls once I turned 21. That would have been a great 21at birthday when I was down there if we all hadn’t been working so much. My birthday is December 5th and everyone I knew was busy working the Very Merry Christmas Party.

27.  Stay at Aluni in Hawaii.  Doesn’t it sound amazing!?!

28.  Disney Cruise!!!  We are absolutely doing this!  I just have to figure out the best age for the kids.

29.  Use the kids clubs and have an adult night.  How cool is it that Disney has childcare!?  They have in-room babysitting, but I love that they have kids clubs at a few of resorts and they can play with others and do tons of fun activities.  Yea Disney!

30.  Earn a coveted spot on the Disney Moms Panel. I don’t know if I’ve visited enough yet, but I sure have looked up a lot of Disney facts and tips!

Well there you have it!  My Disnet bucket list.  Thirty items and I bet I’ll keep adding!

What’s on you Disney Bucket List?

10 thoughts on “My Disney Bucket List

  1. Sarah Ruth

    Love your list! Makes me think I should make one of my own. I was at Disney World last November. I can’t wait to go back.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  2. Desiree - Finding the Skinny Geek Within

    Love the list! I’ve done a couple and I can add a few things to my own list as well. My dream resort is the Beach Club. I’d also love to be a DVC member and attend a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. And of course, run a runDisney race! Ahhhh!

  3. Our Fine House

    I’ve never been to DisneyWorld, but I’m heading to Disneyland tomorrow. I can’t wait! BTW, I’ve heard great things about Disney Aulani. My friends have gone 2 years in a row now and they plan to go back next year. They have so many great things to say about it.

  4. PJ @ Planned in Pencil

    You haven’t seen Fantasmic?!?! Get that done girl!!! Thanks so much for sharing it at the Pinworthy Project Party!

  5. Brooke

    What a list! I didn’t know half of these the things on your list even existed. All three of my boys have birthdays this week, and we’re headed to Disneyland for their first time on Sunday. I don’t know who’s more excited- me or them. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Nikki @ Nikki Rae Ink

    I had no idea about some the items on your list. I’m adding the Richard Petty driving experience to my list. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Gretchen

    Great list! We didn’t do Fantasmic for the longest time….like until our 5th or 6th trip maybe. But it’s good to always have some new things to look forward to :). I’m pretty sure you can’t ride in the front of the monorail anymore…there was an accident a few years ago, and they stopped letting people. They stil do it at Disneyland, though!

  8. Katherine

    You cannot ride in the front of monorails anymore. 🙁
    We are planning to go soon to get my daughter’s first ever haircut at the barbershop on Main Street. They save a lock of hair, give them a certificate and a pair of Mickey ears that says My first haircut!


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