My time with a personal trainer: summary of my Kohls Wellness Wish

In November I got the surprise of a lifetime.

When I shared my Wellness Wish in a Kohl’s Facebook group, I never dreamed I would receive a phone call telling me they were setting me up with a personal trainer three days a week for three months!

It was a complete dream!

Throughout December, January, and February I had an amazing time learning from a great trainer, staying committed to my fitness, and taking some time for myself 3 days a week. For the month of March we did one day a week.

And then it stopped…

Kohls Wellness Wish Video

The video they made of our family is something I will cherish forever, along with this wonderful gift that taught me so much and had such an amazing impact on our family.

I learned so much and it was a fantastic experience!

For the last few weeks the trainer I was working with passed me off to another trainer.  She was also amazing and had a totally different style, so I got to experience some HIIT style, but it also meant I never got my final measurements or last fit test.

I felt a little disappointed at the end...  We always want to see results. So, of course, I wanted to see the total number of inches lost and how much I improved on my plank and wall sit.  We worked so hard for a little over three months and then all of a sudden it was over and I was on my own again like it never happened. I’m working on getting my past results so I can do the fit test myself and, although I can’t do the pinches, I think we may have done measurements with tape at our first meeting.

I don’t need all the numbers and results to prove to me how awesome the experience was! I feel so much more confident with what I learned during that time and I’m noticing changes still that I attribute to my Kohl’s gift. It is fantastic!

Working out with kids

Amazing Impact of 3 Months with a Trainer

  • The kiddos are like little trainers! They loved to skip nap for “our workout” and they copied the moves, cheered me on, and became my little trainers.
  • I learned so much! The one-on-one attention was amazing and I have learned things that will help me so much in the future
  • I got used to working out 3-5 times a week and making it a priority
  • My husband even got on board and changed his eating habits a bit
  • I lost 10lbs and gained nearly 10lbs of lean muscle at the last time we checked, which was a few weeks before our time ended
  • Even with having to take it easy because of a snowmobile accident, my first run of Spring showed me how much my endurance had changed – it was a great feeling!

Setting a healthy example: working out with kids

I can’t say thank you enough to the beautiful people at Kohls that made this happen! Our family is changed for the better!

Improving your health has a positive impact on every other part of your life!

My goal when I decided to focus on my health above all else was to set a healthy example for my little ones and get them started on the right path. I wanted to be the fun mom that ran and played with them. I wanted have energy to accomplish all of my goals for us.

Be the fun mom, get healthy for your little ones

This gift has pushed me closer to that goal in four months than I was able to do in two years on my own.

I’m going to try to get those final results and I’ll keep you updated if I do, but even without them, I feel proud of all I was able to accomplish and what I will go on to accomplish!

If you had the opportunity, what would your Wellness Wish be?

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to health and wellness?

22 thoughts on “My time with a personal trainer: summary of my Kohls Wellness Wish

    1. Post author

      It was really amazing to see the impact on the kids. They always talk about working out and show me their moves! 🙂

  1. Pragati // Simple Medicine

    Congratulations to you and your family! It sounds like you’ve made some amazing changes in three months. I can understand why you would be disappointed that you didn’t get your final measurements. I hope you can get your pre-trainer stats soon.
    Pragati // Simple Medicine recently posted…Inspiring WomenMy Profile

    1. Post author

      Thanks so much! Overall, the experience was so amazing and I learned so much! I would love the gratification of seeing my hard work pay off in numbers too!

  2. Uplifting Families

    I am glad that you got the opportunity to experience this and if I had my dream I would wish all of my chronic pain to go away. However, since dr’s aren’t miracle workers I can hope and pray that their wisdom will get me some sort of relief. Once that happens, I want to start walking more so that I can be in better shape for my kids.
    Uplifting Families recently posted…Tips for Throwing a Graduation PartyMy Profile

    1. Post author

      That does make it so tough! I hope you can find something to help manage your pain so you can get started with exercise that will give you all those endorphins and help you to feel better as well!

  3. Courtney

    This is awesome! Agree with Mariah…love the message about taking time for yourself, it’s so critical. As a full-time working mom with long hours, my biggest struggle has been finding the time (and energy) to exercise. But I need to get back on the wagon. I would love to lose some weight and get fit so I can run around with my daughter without having to take breaks.
    Courtney recently posted…Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Any Mom Would LoveMy Profile

    1. Post author

      It is so hard to find the time! Playing can be the best workout!

    1. Post author

      Thanks Lois! It was definitely fantastic to have that accountability!

    1. Post author

      Over a year ago I lost the first 50lbs and then Basically stayed the same for another year. This time I’ve really learned a lot and making the time for activity is a big one! You can do it! So can I…. 🙂

  4. Ashley

    What an awesome opportunity! My Wellness Wish would be to have a personal chef for a month to feed me super healthy food and teach me to cook too!

    1. Post author

      That would absolutely be my next wish! Eating is definitely a little harder than getting the workouts in and twice as important!

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