Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization with kids {$150 Minted Giveaway!}

Spring cleaning for kids’ rooms. Ideas for closet organization. Oh yeah, and $150 to Minted!!!

Tips for getting the kiddos involved in the cleaning and organization, as well as suggestions for a functional kid’s closet.

Warm weather and fresh starts are the best! Not to mention getting some money for your decor or even your Spring or Summer parties! 

Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization with Kids and $150 Minted Giveaway!

This generous giveaway and post is sponsored by Minted. I am also a Minted affiliate and this post includes affiliate links.

Welcome June! Spring is coming to an end and I am still wrapping up my Spring Cleaning. How about you? The warm weather, sunshine, and newness of Spring always gets me excited to clear out the clutter and start fresh!

I have big plans to hit the whole house, but I decided to start with my little lady’s room. We moved her brother’s room this winter and she was feeling a little left out and in need of an update.

We have a smaller house, so reducing the clutter is a big deal. Another thing we have done in our small bedroom is save space by removing the closet doors and hanging curtains. It’s a great way to keep the room open and have the chance to add a little bit of color or pattern to the decor.

I was looking around the Minted website and I was so thrilled to find they have home decor items! They have curtains, lampshades, art, and even fabric by the yard. I was searching through the curtains when I came across a pattern that jumped out at me. Do you ever have that physical reaction to something so pretty where it makes you sigh involuntarily? That was my reaction to the Wildflower pattern, and I kept coming back to it.

Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization with Kids and $150 Minted Giveaway!

Thanks to the luckiest timing in the world, I got the chance to work with my friends at Minted again. I decided I couldn’t get enough of that fabric so I quickly ordered the curtains as well as a couple yards of fabric.

I love it!!!

It was time to get down to business. The kiddos were pretty good about helping organize. They’re 3 and 4 so it takes some effort to get them to undertake such a big project. I do have some tips, though!

Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization tips for kids

Tips for getting kiddos involved in the Spring Cleaning and Organizing

  1. Give Direction. Little ones will get completely frustrated if you tell them to, “clean their room” and don’t give them some direction and let them know what you expect. I know the second I tell my little ones we need to clean their room their eyes glaze over and they immediately have no idea where to focus. If I don’t help them get started or identify an area of focus, nothing will get done.
  2. Break it down. Use the skills they have and give them a job they understand. Focus on one area at a time. I used different bins and asked them to sort certain toys.
  3. Containers are your friends. This goes along with the other two tips. Anytime you can make it very clear to your young kiddo where things are supposed to go they will be much more likely to get the job done. I know I can’t get my little ones to beautifully arrange their toys on their shelves, but I can give them a container to fill and place on their shelf.

Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization tips for kids: sorting

Kiddo Closet Organization Tips

  1. Use different levels. Kiddo clothes are small. The best use of space is to utilize the vertical space with hanging bars and shelves at different heights. We have two different height bars as well as shelves along the bottom, a stack of vertical shelves, and hanging organizers.
  2. Hanging organizers are perfect for daily outfits. It saves tons of time to have daily outfits picked out ahead of time. It also helps to have them separated by day, so the kiddos can learn to dress themselves. I keep daily outfits in hanging organizers to limit their choices and, hopefully, speed up the process.
  3. Curtains instead of Doors. As I mentioned, we save space by using curtains instead of closet doors. We’ve found curtains easier for the little ones to open and close. They also give us a chance to add a little more color to a room and save space by not having bi-fold doors that open into the room. Honestly, how often do closet doors remain shut anyway? So using curtains just look better!

Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization with Kids and $150 Minted Giveaway!

It’s crazy the reaction I have every time I see this beautiful patter in her room. It’s so perfect for spring and summer. It has given her room such a feminine facelift and feels so refreshing! I will have to share my other projects with my couple yards of fabric soon!!

Spring Cleaning and Closet Organization with Kids and $150 Minted Giveaway!


Along with this adorable and summery fabric, Minted also has products for all your spring and summer activities.  From birthday and shower invitations to party decor and wedding gifts, they have beautiful items from talented artists.


$150 minted giveaway

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