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DIY Faux Shiplap Fireplace Wall

Bright and comfy living room transformation with the addition of a very easy, DIY Faux Shiplap Fireplace Wall.

How we got this look for a fraction of the price and other amazing deals we found.

DIY Faux Shiplap Fireplace Wall - Living room reveal

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Multipurpose Room: Gym, Office, Dressing and Sitting Area in One Small Room!

Dreaming of a home gym, home office, or even just some space of your own? You can have it all in one room, even in a small house!

With distinct areas and using things I already had, I got a gym, office, dressing room, and sitting area all from one small bedroom. I love this multi-purpose room! Momma finally has her own space in this house!


Multipurpose room: gym, office, dressing and sitting area in one small room!

You guys! I finally feel like I have a space that is my own after 6 years in our 2,000 square foot house with a family of four.

Guys have it so nice, by default they seem to claim the garage, basement, and even seem to get add a storage shed to the backyard. Do you know what we get? The kitchen, that is always a mess and stresses us out thinking of all the meals to cook, the bedroom which we have to share with another person, or other communal areas. I’ve never felt like I had space I could call my very own.

Our house is on the small side with four very small bedrooms. When I was kid less and bought the house, we opened up the wall through our TINY closet into the other room to make it into a walk-in closet for myself and my husband. At the time, we also had just one bathroom, so I added a vanity and always did everything in that room. After a day of breaking down because I worked from home and had no place but the bedroom and living room to try to work, my husband also shoved a roll top desk into that closet.

When my little ones stopped sharing a room, my little guy was very excited to move downstairs into the biggest bedroom. A few months later, his uncle and dad introduced him to video games and he started coming up a lot at night and saying he’d like to be upstairs.

Inspiration hit and I started thinking about turning the closet back into a bedroom, and my very own space in the house was born!

We knew there was no way my husband and I could both fit our things in our bedroom closet, so I would be moving my things downstairs where the closet was bigger. I was also able to move my desk to a room where I would use it. I would also have a place to out the elliptical, creating some more play space for the kids behind the pool table. Win, win, win!

I’m so excited to show you how it turned out!

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