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What a week! {my Kohls #wellnesswish and giveaway details}

Oh my goodness, you guys, last week was a whirlwind!

Actually, it goes back about two weeks ago…

My mess reflects my mood - You want to know how it's going???As I started the Health and Fitness Holiday Giveaway Hop, I felt behind because we had just gotten back from 3 weeks away and I didn’t have all my giveaway items in line as the holiday weekend hit. I sent out emails to all the amazing companies from WOW Summit and was completely overwhelmed by their generosity!! I ended up with prizes so amazing it seemed like I could have done 5 seperate giveaways and still have them be awesome! Then came the hard part, keeping up with the reviews that I wanted to go with the prizes to thank the amazing folks who were so generous as to offer amazing prizes for you!

So, what happens when we’re already a little stressed with settling in after a trip, setting some strict deadlines for a usually 2-3x per week blogger, and getting back to reality before Christmas?

You can expect to get hit with a few curveballs!

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Pay It Forward this holiday season {#GiftOutsidetheBox Twitter Party}

Do you make a point of giving back around the holidays?  All year long?

Pay It Forward #GetOutisdetheBox Twitter Party

As my kiddos get older, I love the idea of teaching them to be kind to others by giving back.

We are focusing on gratitude with the little ones and this is the next obvious step: showing how grateful you are for all you have by sharing and bestowing blessings on others.

We’re also sharing an act of kindness with you and adding to the Holiday Health and Fitness Giveaway Hop!

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You’ve Been Sprung! {A Springtime Pay It Forward}

I am so excited about this!!

You've Been Sprung: a springtime pay it forward

Every season that has gone by I have wanted to do a little neighborhood pay it forward game, and now is my chance! I love the idea of spreading some cheer around, and I’m using my surprise as a way to encourage people to get out, get active, and eat some fresh foods this spring.

The fact that it is May Day, makes it the perfect time to start this springtime fun!

you've been sprung: a springtime pay it forward

Download and print the “You’ve Been Sprung” note here

You’ve Been Sprung! {A Springtime Pay It Forward}

If You’ve Been Sprung or received one of these fun surprises, or if you want to start a Springtime Pay It Forward in your neighborhood, here is the lowdown:

  • Download and Print the note from the link below the picture
  • It’s up to you how many neighbors you want to “Spring.” I’m starting this in my neighborhood with 3, but I love to keep it open so it doesn’t feel like a yucky chain letter with a lot of effort required. Paying it forward to one person still makes for a pretty happy day!
  • Gather some kind of surprise (ie. bubbles, a nice snack, flower seeds, cute springtime Easter goodies are on sale now…)
  • Leave the gift, along with the note, on their doorstep, ring the bell, and disappear!

That’s it!  What a fun way to brighten someone’s day!!

Take a Peek in my Baskets!

You've been sprung basket

I love the idea of promoting health and wellness after a loooong winter, so my basket is filled with goodies to encourage activity outside and healthy snacking on fresh foods. I have Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots, which are the perfect fresh, outdoor snack; bubbles from the Dollar Tree which come in packs of three, and flower packets so they can get outside and plant some cheery flowers.  Since Easter just passed, baskets are pretty easy to come by and I got these for under a dollar each at Aldi.

Other Springtime Healthy Surprises

  • Sunglasses
  • Drink mixes to promote hydration (Cocogo anyone? yum!)
  • Pots, seeds, flowers or veggies for planting outside
  • A State or National Park pass
  • Frisbee, balls, or lawn games
  • A water bottle, or flavored waters
  • Flip Flops
  • Citronella candle to keep the pesks away
  • Firewood and S’mores makings
  • Small, inexpensive grill kit
  • Pedometer
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Sun Hats

The possibilities are endless!!!  

Share your ideas in the comments below to spark some creativity in anyone who Has Been Sprung!!