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Motivating Mom Lucie

…it’s important that the whole family stays active.

I love hearing stories from other moms, especially those who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and raising a healthy family. I’m very inspired by other moms and I love to hear how they stay committed to setting a healthy example for their little ones and raising a healthy family.

Today we’re hearing from Motivating Mom Lucie!

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Motivating Mom Lucie - Find that one activity you really love.

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Crazy Ideas Overweight Runners Need to Leave in the Dust

It took a lot to get me to take that first step and begin running while considerably overweight. I learned to love it, but I spent years with crazy ideas about things I should and shouldn’t do as one of the overweight runners out there.

Even as the weight started to come off, I was still hanging onto these overweight runner fears and ideas. Only recently did I identify them and realize how crazy they are.

So, overweight runners unite and let’s get rid of these crazy ideas!

Crazy Ideas Overweight Runners Need to Leave in the Dust

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Running Essentials and Must-Haves {Part 1: Accessories}

If you would have told me anytime prior to 5 years ago that I would voluntarily go running and that I would look forward to it and enjoy it, I would have thought you were nuts!

I was the kid who dreaded the mile in gym class and looked for any excuse to get out of it. It wasn’t until I was in the best shape of my life in grad school that I ran my first mile without walking… And I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it…

Since having my two little ones and finding the importance of a free workout I can do with the kids, I have come to love running and love all my must-have accessories for running. I have some things that I’ve found so helpful, I just have to share them! I also have a must-have that I need to share with my fellow curvier runners or Mommas struggling with the baby pooch and the multiple issues it causes as you run.

Running essentials and must-haves {Part 1: Accessories}

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My Day Friday Accountability Check-In: Week 8

I’m not letting this one slip!

Summer has me skipping posts, but I’m checking in because I had a bad week and I’m turning it around.

Accountability Check-in Week 8

I made my DietBet weigh out last week, but I was at the cabin which is always a struggle. I decided to stick to a strict eating plan, hoping it would help. Of course, I’m sure many of you can relate to what happens after it’s over. I went nuts and really struggled to get back on track!

I started some new DietBets for the accountability and support and weighed-in at nearly the same spot I started last time… 🙁 I think that brought my total to only about two pounds lost since the beginning of last month…

All that aside, I’ve been having a great week now!

I’m on week 5 of C25K and it’s feeling really good! I actually got in a mile run to the playground, a mile run back from the playground, and did my C25K stroller-free in the evening. Today, I cut the grass for my workout.

I technically logged into MFP over 60 days in a row, but often I wasn’t tracking the evenings when I most needed it. I’m tracking as much as possible and my goal this week is to track all dinners.

I feel like I’m in a much better place right now. Things get really busy and I let things slide, but I’m human and I’m doing my best to balance.

Should we see how I did?

Accountability Check-in Week 8

Going in the right direction soon, I’m sure.

I could really use more support and accountability. Any of you have link-ups appropriate for posts like this? I could use some ideas?

Have a great weekend!