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The Simple Trick to Save on Paper Towels {and other things}

This is a shortcut that I almost never would have thought to share, because I almost forget that we’re doing it. All of a sudden it occurred to me the other day how much we are saving on paper towels by implementing this one little trick! It is too easy, and anyone can do it!

No, you don’t have to make some of those super cute fabric towels, and I’m not telling you to keep a basket of rags handy. We use paper towels, but we use a lot less.

So, what is this trick that saves us money and waste from throwing out hundreds of paper towels?

The simple trick to save on appear towels - and other things
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The Easy Peasy Healthy Snack Kids Love {and it’s a veggie!}

I can’t remember when I saw this tip, but it has been one of the best tips I’ve ever received!

This snack can make you feel great about what you’re giving your kiddos, it’s healthy, tastes good, it’s quick and easy, buys you time, and it’s fantastic for little ones, especially those who are teething.

Any ideas? Check out this Sunday’s Sunday Shortcut and let me know if this is a snack your kiddos enjoy!

The easy peasy healthy snacks kids love! And it's a veggie!

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